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  • Into these lands when the traveller Stept – Bamiyan

    Posted in Afghanistan | December 1, 2011
    Visit Afghanistan and go to Bamiyan, the main town in the province of Bamiyan. This lovely city with a huge ruin of Budha’s is a great tourist spot in Afghanistan. The place is filled with a natural beauty that is enviable and the surroundings entice the tourist to go round the place with a lot of interest. This quite, calm city is situated around 240 km to the west of the city of Kabul. This tranquil zone in Afghanistan is the place where you can find Mother Nature in full bloom and the whole area seemingly coming alive with the cultural diversity that is found here. Bamiyan is a place that has the best kind of ruins of the ancient past and the most interesting sculptures. The Kushan dynasty used to rule here and the caves of this period  [...]
  • Balkh – Dive into the Past

    Posted in Afghanistan | November 24, 2011
    When you are in Afghanistan, there are a lot of places that would intrigue you and many more which would enchant you. Balkh is one place that would interest you. Balkh in Northern part of the Afghanistan country is an ancient city which was earlier the centre of Zoroastrianism. This small region in the Balkh Province of Afghanistan is around 20 km from Mazar-e-Sharif and lies to the northwest of this city. It is around 74km from the city of Amu Darya. Earlier it was a major Khorasan city and in fact came under the appreciation of the great traveler Marco Polo as a noble and a great city. The word Balkh is believed to have come from the word Baxli or Bahlika and then relatively Balkh which is the term used in modern Persian. The Greeks had named  [...]
  • Tora Bora – Afghanistan Unleashed

    Posted in Afghanistan | November 17, 2011
    Come to Afghanistan and visit the land of Tora Bora which is a great complex amidst the White Mountains. This portion of eastern Afghanistan is the ideal place to go in the district of Pachir Wa Agam. Situated in the province of Nangarhar, this is around 50 km from the Khyber Pass in the west. You also have the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, which are in the border of Pakistan. Famous as a place of Taliban and a certain amount of insurgency against the Soviet Union in the eighties. There are natural caverns in the white Mountain Range which have been formed as a result of eating into limestone. When the US Invaded Afghanistan then the place had become the mainstay of the Taliban and the other allies of Al Qaeda. It has also been said  [...]
  • Panjshir – The land of Afghan Ecstasy

    Posted in Afghanistan | November 10, 2011
    When in Afghan live like a queen or a king. This is the feeling you get when you visit this pristine locale. With a great landscape and the best of scenic splendour, the Panjshir region in Afghanistan certainly is a must see spot for all tourists coming to this part of the world. Around 60 miles from Kabul, the valley of Panjshir is famous for its lovely picturesque locales and the most beautiful of trekking zones. Spanning over 62 miles the Anjoyman Pass lies on one end and has also been the main area of resistance from Afghans while the soviets and the Taliban invaded this place. Today a place of absolutely naturally beautiful areas, the fact that it is close to the Afghan capital makes it a favourite amongst tourists and is today finding  [...]
  • Passage of Interest – Khyber Pass

    Posted in Afghanistan | October 20, 2011
    If you are in the area of Afghanistan and Pakistan, there is a small passage, which is a great mountain pass. At a height of 3,510ft, this was a main part of the ancient route of the Silk Road. This place has found a mention in the Holy Bible. It is called as the “Pesh Habor” there. The Khyber Pass is incidentally one of the oldest such kind of passes in the entire world. This has been a great place of trade between South Asia and the central part of the Asian continent. A very strategic place for military, the peak of the Khyber Pass is around 5 kilometers inside the country of Pakistan. This is at a place called Landi Kotal. The peak cuts across the Safed KOh mountain peak. It is said that most of the historical heroes like Alexander,  [...]
  • Kabul Museum – The Afghan Treasures from the past

    Posted in Afghanistan | October 14, 2011
    A great account of the history in Central Asia is found in the Kabul Museum in Afghanistan. Also known by the name of Afghanistan National Museum, this is a great archaeological area in this part of the world. The Afghan museum is existing since the year 1920; this has the best collections from all over central part of the Asian continent. The Kushan period has a lot of antiquities which are found in the museum. Buddhism and Islam antiquities are also found here. There are many miniatures, manuscripts, objects of art and weapons that are stored here and these belong to the kingly families of yore. Actually 90% of the museum artifacts have been excavated in the land of Afghans and it gave rise to a great historical era of the Asian culture. Persia,  [...]
  • En Route to Asia Tours – Band e Amir

    Posted in Afghanistan | October 7, 2011
    Asia is a great continent of mixture of traditions, culture and different races. So while in Afghanistan in Asia, see something different. Yes as you are in Afghanistan and you see the line of six blue lakes in the region of Band e Amir, then you would surely be happy you had one of these Asia tours - Afghanistan the land of the blue lakes. These lakes are separated by a dam that has come up naturally. These dams are made of a deposit of minerals called travertine. Situated in the Hindu Kush Mountains in the central part of the country, these lakes are at a height of around 3000metres. They lie to the western side of the Buddhas of Bamiyan. These lakes have been created by the water that seeps out of cracks and niches. This water containing  [...]
  • When a Country Calls You – Turkey

    Posted in Turkey | September 29, 2011
    Often you go to a place because you want to go there. Have you ever gone somewhere because you have got a call to go there ?A call from the country itself? NO? Okay so brace yourself to go to Turkey for here you would go because the country is calling you. Yes, this land of natural wonders, special historical significance and the kind of significance very few countries could have. The archaeological importance of this place is worth noting and this place with its varied geographical features and unique climate can be compared only with itself. Bounded by the seas on three sides, the lovely beaches, the pristine bays and the cozy coves along with the busy ports, majestic islands and virgin peninsulas dominate the entire country of Turkey. With  [...]
  • Joy Bangla Tour Bangla – Bangladesh

    Posted in Bangladesh | September 22, 2011
    Sonar Bangla Aamar Bangla! This is the chant that you could hear in this part of South Asia. Bordered by Burma, India and the Bay of Bengal, this erstwhile portion of the royal state of West Bengal, in India, this land of Bangladesh was established with the Bengal Partition. When India got independence in the year 1947, the state of Bangladesh was formed as East Pakistan. Bangladesh means the Country of Bengal. Though it was East Pakistan it was quite separated from its West wing in all areas be it linguistic, economic or political. Gradually in the year 1971, Bangladesh got liberated and became a separate country. Replete with a lot of tradition and culture from West Bengal, Bangladesh today boasts of some of the best places for sightseeing  [...]
  • Jordan – The Land of The Lost City

    Posted in Jordan | September 15, 2011
    When you say Jordan you think of Petra don’t you? But there is a Jordan beyond Petra and one has to understand that Jordan is a land of ultimate wonders and has much more to it than meets the eye. With the kind of cities built in Roman style and the castles as also the citadels and the amazingly energetic biblical sites, Jordan is a legendary place for all Christians as this is where Lord Jesus had his baptism. This is also the place which has the fortress where John the Baptist was beheaded by Herod. Jordan is also the land where Moses saw the Promised Land. This desert land with flowing robes and lots of livestock has tales of yore to tell. With Amman as the capital which is a beautiful city with its modern constructions and with a culture  [...]