I'm not sure about all of you

I'm not sure about all of you, but I know when I was attending to school my family did not send me to school with quarters. Imagine this, you're in middle school and you're using the bathroom when you finish, you wipe and see red on the toilet paper and your underwear. You realize you have begun your period but you don't have money for a pad or a tampon. For many girls, this is a reality, girls will either start their period early and have no products on them or they forgot them at home, either way this leads to the same ending.

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‘Napoleon proves himself to be a similar tyrant to Framer Jones.’

To what extent do you agree with this statement. A tyrant is a cruel and oppressive ruler. In ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell, we meet an oppressive ruler by the name of Farmer Jones. As The novel progresses, we find that Napoleon is capable of being a similar tyrant to Mr. Jones. Napoleon proves to be a similar tyrant to Mr. Jones in several ways. Before the rebellion Mr. Jones ruled and controlled the animals through fear and violence. The pigs make a commandment that “no animal shall kill any other animal”. This changes once Napoleon takes rule. Napoleon proves to be more hot-headed than Farmer Jones. For the second time, the animals find themselves living in fear amongst brutality and disorder. Edubirdie review demonstrates Napoleon’s cruelty in yet another way. Napoleon takes the animals produce away from them until they have no reward for their toils and hardships, they are left living off the bare necessities of life.

Napoleon also acts similarly to Mr. Jones in the way that he becomes attached to alcohol. He also takes on every bad attribute of man. Napoleon thus proves himself to be a worse tyrant than Mr. Jones. Essay help is a part of edubirdie reviews for the animals before Mr. Jones is expelled. After the rebellion seven commandments are created. One being that “no animal shall kill any other animal”. As Napoleon begins to emerge as the leader of ‘Animal Farm’ his true colours begin to show. He is a cruel and oppressive ruler, a tyrant. Napoleon’s actions prove to be equivalently tyrannical to Farmer Jones. Napoleon gains all his political power and control through violence. We see an example of this when Napoleon expels and later executes Snowball. He does this through the power of violence. “It seemed certain that they had him… one of them all but closed his jaws on Snowball’s tail…” When Snowball’s expulsion occurs, we see Napoleon’s true capability of becoming a horrendous tyrant...

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