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  • Exotic Hoi An

    Posted in Vietnam | November 29, 2012
    Visit Vietnam and you are sure to get entangled in a maze of joy, surprises and ecstasy. Such is the enigma of the place and such is the aura of this lovely region in this part of the world. AS you go along the cobbled streets here the place makes you feel as if you are walking down memory lane. The Old Town is majorly dominated by the tailor shops and some myriad of cafes. You can actually feel the historical touch to this place in the air. Hoi An was a major trading centre for the Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and the Indians. Today however Hoi An has a great tourist crowd that comes here mainly for the clothing that makes this region a special destination for many. Sometimes people just come to enjoy this UNESCO world Heritage site and experience  [...]
  • Halong Bay Cruise

    Posted in Vietnam | February 1, 2011
    One night was all it took. My wife and me, we were lucky enough to get the chance to have a nights cruise on Emotion cruise at the Halong Bay, and it blew us away. We reserved our Halong Bay cruise at the T U N Travel site at Hotels – in – Vietnam website, and received a quick reply and conformation. The service was prompt, so was the confirmation. We were picked up from our hotel right on time. It was a plush van that came to pick us up. The sixteen seater van had room for all of us in the group plus room to spare. The trip took close to three and a half hours. The drive was extremely scenic, through the verdant farmlands that seemed to stretch for miles on end at the Red River Delta. We were fortunate to observe typical village life  [...]
  • The imperious beauty of Halong Bay

    Posted in Vietnam | August 26, 2010
    Superlatives begin to fail me as I describe this place. Mysterious, awe-inspiring and regal are three words that come to mind and they don’t even scrape the tip of the iceberg. Halong Bay is a necklace of 3000 islands (maybe more) draped around the nape of the Gulf of Tonkin and either at sea levels or from the air, it represents a resplendent site sown by the hands of nature. It is art in natural form, a wonder unsung and pristine. Few known that it is a deemed world heritage site and the comparison to Krabi in Thailand is instantaneous but while the two are a world removed from the madness of society, Halong Bay is really in a class of its own when it comes to totting up points for being solely spectacular. The beaches and inlets, all carved  [...]
  • Tasty seafood and European culture in the orient, Hanoi, vietnam

    Posted in Vietnam | August 5, 2010
    Cha ca, seems like something you would want to move too, however this happens to be one of the most famous dishes in this region. In fact; a lot of its tourists actually come here because of this very reason. This amazing tasting fired fish is a Doan family secret. The recipe has been in the family for decades now and the name cha ca literally means curried red river fish. This place has been an integral part of Hanoi mythology. This is why the city then renamed the lane in the honor of the Cha ca. The whole experience of having this fried fish is quite unique. This place has many wooden stairs that lead all the way to the second floor restaurant, the chairs are made out of wood too and it gives you that old rickety feel.  Here the people  [...]
  • Delicious Vietnam

    Posted in Vietnam | July 6, 2010
    Vietnam is a southeastern country neighboring China, Laos and Cambodia. Vietnam has been colonized many times. China, itself occupied Vietnamese about four times. In fact, when Vietnam was independent; it still remained as a tributary state to China. Later the French colonized the country. Thus, the Vietnamese culture is a mix of both Chinese and French cultures. Although the country basis its social etiquette on Confucianism. The united states came in to help south Vietnam with a quick action plan, which turned out into a bloody battle. Although now, when an American tourist goes to Vietnam, they are welcomed and treated well, because the Vietnamese people have taken well to the American culture. Lets us check out some places that you could  [...]
  • Enjoy bathing in Mud at Nha Tarnag

    Posted in Vietnam | April 21, 2010
    Well thought-out as “Mediterranean Sea of Vietnam ” or else “Rio de Janeiro of Central Vietnam”, the region of Nha Trang (also known as Khanh Hoa) is a great deal similar to a “full-of-sunshine deck” by means of numerous charismatic beauty spots similar to: Tháp Bà (also known as Ba Tower), Hoa Lan spring, Hòn Mun (also known as Mun island), Hòn Tằm (also known as Tam island), Hon Heo (also known as Heo island), Nha Trang bay (recently-accepted as one of the few most beautiful bays in the world), et cetera. In particular, apart from the mountains, piers, beaches, tourists may perhaps get pleasure from a self-styled area of expertise of Nha Trang, the mud-bath. In addition the mud-bath is been divided  [...]
  • Vietnam Memorial Facts

    Posted in Vietnam | March 4, 2010
    There are several Vietnam Memorial facts. The following are some of the Vietnam Memorial facts. The Veteran’s Memorial was founded by Jan Scruggs who was posted in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970. He was part of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. He served as an infantry corporal. The memorial was erected in honor of those who served in Vietnam. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter approved the legislation that provides a site in Constitutional Gardens. The memorial took three and a half years to complete. Its official name is Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It is often called VVM or ‘the wall’. The figures are sometimes called ‘The Three Servicemen’. The Memorial is dedicated to all those who served in the war, including the living. The Memorial  [...]