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  • Hierapolis and Pamukkale

    Posted in Turkey | December 6, 2012
    Visit Turkey and enjoy sights at the beautiful regions of Hierapolis and Pammukale. Come here and bask in the historical surroundings in this part of Turkey and find the pleasures of visiting these ancient cities here. Just around three hours from the Kusadasi Holiday resort, these cities have been given the UNESCO World Heritage Site Status and are a great sight for the tourists’ eyes. Meaning Sacred City, Hierapolis is a lovely landscaped region with the remains of a great historic past. The amphitheatre here and the Necropolis tombs are a perfect treat for a history lover. Then there are the remains of the Temple of Apollo or the Greek God of Sun. The area is also popular for the hot springs at Pammukale . these fascinating hot springs  [...]
  • Natural wonders at Cappadocia

    Posted in Turkey | November 22, 2012
    Visit Turkey and enjoy the beautiful wonders that welcome you here in this beautiful region in this part of the world. The volcanic formations of rock at Cappadocia in Turkey are very popular amongst tourists here. Situated within the Goreme National Park, this is a very famous tourist hub and is around 4000 years old. People used to carve cave dwellings into various strange shapes of volcanic rock. These were deposited by volcanoes that existed then. Today what we see is a unique blend of tunnels and caves and a magnificent network of caves. Stretching over 11 floors these go to a depth of around 85 metres. The region of Cappadocia is a lovely and has the most fascinating formations of rock which can be seen in aerial rides too. it is said  [...]
  • When a Country Calls You – Turkey

    Posted in Turkey | September 29, 2011
    Often you go to a place because you want to go there. Have you ever gone somewhere because you have got a call to go there ?A call from the country itself? NO? Okay so brace yourself to go to Turkey for here you would go because the country is calling you. Yes, this land of natural wonders, special historical significance and the kind of significance very few countries could have. The archaeological importance of this place is worth noting and this place with its varied geographical features and unique climate can be compared only with itself. Bounded by the seas on three sides, the lovely beaches, the pristine bays and the cozy coves along with the busy ports, majestic islands and virgin peninsulas dominate the entire country of Turkey. With  [...]
  • Antalya hotels and adventure

    Posted in Turkey | November 25, 2010
    A lot of people come here to Antalya. Most for the beaches, the lovely environment and the awesome fun that you could have here.  The city has lots which you can do.  There is scuba diving, sailing, paragliding, rafting, mountain climbing, trekking and a lot more.  The best part is it’s not that expensive to do these things here.  The first thing you could do in the morning is take a swim. After this you could  go sailings or paragliding in the afternoon at saklikent.  When you are at Antalya hotels in the night, there is no other place like it. There are lots of hotels here; which are large and luxurious.   This place has a lovely nightlife and while you are here, you can visit the tubitaks observatory, from here you could enjoy a  [...]