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  • The Sherwood Taipei

    Posted in Taiwan | June 9, 2011
    The Sherwood Taipei is situated right at the heart of the commercial and financial hub of the Taipei Metropolis. Due to its centralized position, it is within easy access to most of Taipei’s business centers, convention venues and others. It is also close by to many of the major attractions in Taipei. The hotel is thus an excellent option to stay in, whether you are a business traveler or a leisure tourist. It is geographically at an advantage, wherever you wish to go to Taipei. The Sherwood Taipei has three hundred and fifty rooms and forty six suites. All of these are top notch accommodation options, and provide the best in terms of quality. The décor is understated and elegant. The guest rooms have a great number of facilities and amenities  [...]
  • Landis Taipei Hotel, Thailand

    Posted in Taiwan | May 19, 2011
    The Landis Taipei Hotel is placed at the ZhongShan Financial District in Taipei, Thailand. The location is convenience itself for both tourists as well as business travelers. The hotel is situated at the cross roads of the JiLin Rd  and MinQuan East Rd. The business and financial heart of the city is right at the doorstep of the hotel. The hotel can be accessed by a 15 min drive from the Taipei SongShan Airport, while from the Chiang Kai – Shek International Airport, it takes about forty min. The highway entrance, the MRT station and the bus stops are located close at hand. Attractions such as the Yuanshan Children’s Amusement Park, Xingtian Temple, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Miniatures Museum of Taiwan and Xinsheng Park are also  [...]
  • Taipei 101

    Posted in Taiwan | April 14, 2011
    Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world for quite some time. Right from when it was built as the first skyscraper built in the Millennium, to when it was replaced by Burj Khalifa in 2010. However it enjoyed the first position as the skyscraper of the century. The skyscraper was the first one to be built taller than ½ kilo meter. Taipei 101, as suggested by the name stands at 101 floors in Taipei, Taiwan. It is precisely situated at the Xinyi district. The designers of the skyscraper were C Y Lee and Partners. It is an iconic structure for Taipei and Taiwan, and is symbolic of the might, the technological prowess and innovation of Taiwan. The Emporis skyscraper award was given to the skyscraper in two thousand four. Five floors of  [...]
  • Warm up to the magical Taiwanese springs

    Posted in Taiwan | September 2, 2010
    If you get the smell of rotten eggs in the morning, it just means that you are close to the hotels on Taiwan’s northern end. This is the indication that the mountain region is responsible for the volcanic belly of the island. When the Japanese soldiers got wounded in the Japanese war of nineteen hundred and four, they took refuge in the sulfur springs.There is a tectonic collision of the Philippine Sea plates along with the Eurasian tectonic plates. The refuges from Taipei which is the islands capital came here to get rid of their ailments. The Taiwanese people are very into its healing powers.They have believed in this fro many centuries now. Apparently according to them, if you have a condition like ‘the athletes foot’ then this condition  [...]
  • Jiaosi Hot Spring – be ready to revitalize your body

    Posted in Taiwan | April 23, 2010
    Taiwan proffers the just right explanation for any person wanting to calm down as well as revitalize their mind and body in a natural way. There are numerous geothermal hot springs all the way through Taiwan. The humid waters of all these springs, which are been heated as well as charged by means of the individual energy of the earth, are understood to alleviate, revitalize as well as reinvigorate the human body. A few of these hot water springs have been preoccupied into bathhouses as well as health spas, in addition at this juncture the hot waters can be really enjoyed in small swimming pools as well as private bathrooms, in addition to various other conventional treatments are additionally proffered. Various others of these hot-springs remain  [...]