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  • The Songnisan National Park

    Posted in South Korea | January 10, 2013
    Visit the lovely continent of Asia and enjoy tours to South Korea here. The land has its own culture, tradition, and scenic beauty. Visit the beautiful locales here and enjoy your tours to this part of the world in peaceful and serene surroundings. Come to South Korea, visit the Songnisan National park, and enjoy the lovely greenery here. With the entire region being surrounded by mountains, hiking is s popular activity here and the main reason people come here. The Songnisan National Park in central Korea is a lovely destination to visit and the most spectacular region in this part of the continent. With the Beopjusa temple, giving great sights with the huge gold Buddha statue this is certainly a destination meant to be explored. With the  [...]
  • Spiritual and natural wonders of Jeju Do

    Posted in South Korea | July 15, 2010
    Jeju do is a short form for Jeju special autonomous province.  This is the only province that’s has special autonomy here in South Korea. Jeju do is also situated on the country’s largest island.  This lies in the Korean strait, southwest to the jeollanam do province. The island is a world heritage site for Jeju volcanoes and the lava tubes on the island. The people on the island have developed a culture and culture that is different from the mainland of Korea. The people here follow the matriarchal family style which is found if udo and mara, and of course in other place of the land as well. The sea women were usually the head of the families and they usually controlled the income.  People earned their living by doing various useful  [...]