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  • Marina Bay Pleasures

    Posted in Singapore | January 22, 2013
    Marina Bay is a beautiful bay near the Central Area in the southern part of Singapore. Lying in the eastern part of the Downtown core, this is a beautiful travel destination in this part of the world and provides you with the best of opportunities to explore an option that is truly a fantastic way of enjoying travels here. In fact, in the year 1970 there was a land reclamation here, which had the best of marina bay pleasures forming the beautiful Marina South Areas and Marina centre. Telok Ayer Basin was then removed from the map and the river’s mouth went into the bay instead of flowing directly into the sea. In the year 2008, marina Barrage was constructed into a new downtown, which then became a major attraction. There have been many  [...]
  • Universal Studios, Singapore – Sights and Attractions

    Posted in Singapore | July 7, 2011
    Universal Studios in Singapore offers an experience just as rewarding as the United States version. The world famous studio is situated in Sentosa Island in Singapore. It offers excellent shopping and entertainment options. If you are a movie buff, there is no better place. Even if you are not, it is impossible to get bored here. You literally feel as if you have stepped directly into the magical worlds shown in the movies. The park is home to numerous attractions that are themed on famous movies. Far Far Away Land is among the most visited sections of the park. You will see the fairy tales come true here. There are tall stone walls in the section that surrounds the courtyard and pavilion. There are rides and shows such as the Magic Potion Spin,  [...]
  • Singapore Tourism

    Posted in Singapore | April 1, 2011
    Singapore is one of the most exciting Asian destinations. There are a huge number of reasons why the city state is so rewarding a destination. Singapore tourism offers a huge number of excellent holiday packages that make for great all inclusive experiences. There are a huge number of sights and attractions. There are an incredible number of options for entertainment. The nightlife here is excellent, and the dining varied. There are locations such as the island of Sentosa that are extremely fun to visit. You can enjoy a huge number of varied activities that will suit almost very taste and interest. Make sure you visit the underwater world and the Singapore Zoo. There are a huge number of excellent sights here. There are a huge number of other  [...]
  • The amazing Klapsons Hotel in Singapore

    Posted in Singapore | August 9, 2010
    Singapore is known for its well established hotels and business traveler. This place has many unique boutique hotels. These places have come up increasingly over the past few years. This place is one of the best options compared to its many counterparts. This place is designed by William Sawaya. Sawaya is a well known Italian architectural designer. He came from the firm, Sawaya and Moroni. . The Klapsons hotel opened in two thousand and nine. It started out with about seventeen rooms which was part of an annex o the main office building. This was part of the Jit Sun investments. The owners of this firm were the ones who created the hotel. The design of the hotel was quite modern and futuristic. In fact it was quite eclectic. The building has  [...]
  • Places to visit in Singapore

    Posted in Singapore | June 3, 2010
    If you are planning to visit South-East Asia, Singapore is the first tourist destination you must consider. Singapore is the paradise for tourists across the world. Being the travel capital of South-East Asia, every year it attracts million of tourists. The numerous attractions in Singapore make this island a must-visit tourist destination. It is one of the prosperous countries in the world and is a renowned holiday retreat. This country is decorated with scenic locations, stunning architecture, captivating water bodies. Here you will also come across numerous gardens and parks, which too are popular tourist attractions. To be precise, Singapore is known around the world as the Garden city. Other popular tourist attractions include the exceptional  [...]