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  • Tour Pleasures in St.Petersburg

    Posted in Russia | June 19, 2013
    Welcome to the beautiful land of Russia and fill your travels here with the ideal pleasures of a great tour destination. St. Petersburg here is a greatly cultural and historical land and is known as the “Northern Capital” or the popular “Venice of the North.” With the best of Stalin constructions it is surrounded with splendid places and amazing historical monuments in this part of Russia. This beautiful destination has some of the most beautiful bridges and  avenues lined with trees. It is certainly one of the most fascinating places in beautiful Russia. St. Petersburg is a comparatively young city and was founded by Tsar Peter the Great in the year 1703. It has a history that is rich and worth treasuring. The city has always been  [...]
  • Russian Travel Experiences

    Posted in Russia | January 31, 2013
    Come to the royal ambience and the grandeur of Russia a beautiful land filled with ideal tour delights. A land of in exquisite riches and unbelievable poverty Russia is a place hat has seen a lot of history happening. So get to see some of the luxurious constructions, the capped mountains, and the beautiful forests of the birch and fir trees. If you really want to do something different, then visit Russia and take back with a cherishable travel kitty. Enjoy the soft sands of the Prussian resort of Kranz and experience the pleasures of a great land. With the beautiful river Volga, gushing past can the tourist is sure to enjoy everything in a different manner totally. Russia is a land that is geographically and culturally different so the best  [...]
  • Lena River

    Posted in Russia | July 23, 2011
    Lena River is the easternmost of the three great Siberian Rivers, which flows in the Arctic Ocean. It is the eleventh longest river in the world and ninth largest watershed and one of the greatest Russian rivers with its watershed entirely within its ranges. The Lena flows northeast being joined by Olyokma River, Kirenga River and Vitim River, rising at a height of around 1640 metres at its source Baikal Mountains south of Central Siberian Plateau, seven kilometers west of Lake Baikal. From Yatutsk, it flows to the north and enters the lowlands, till it is joined by the right hand prosperous the Aldan River. The Verkhoyansk Range goes to the northwest after getting its most significant Vilyuy River, left hand tributary. The maximum length of  [...]
  • Lake Baikal

    Posted in Russia | May 12, 2011
    Lake Baikal is situated in south east Siberia, and is a magnificent freshwater lake that is the largest and the deepest freshwater reservoir on the planet. Its size is so much that scientists argue about whether it is right to call a water body of such size a lake at all. The lake is known for its crystal clear blue waters and for its immense diversity with respect to fauna and flora. The lake also has some spiritual significance and is a vital scared site for the Asian Buryat race. The lake is prayed to and people have faith in the power of the lake. There are unique carvings and some places of worship situated at the coast of the Lake. The freshwater lake is best visited on a Trans Siberian express train. It is possible to get down at Irkutsk,  [...]
  • Indigenous Peoples of North Asia

    Posted in Russia | March 4, 2010
    Siberia is a part of Asian land that comprises the Russian Federation. It lies between the Ural mountains in the west and the Pacific Ocean watershed mountains that lie in the east. The Arctic Ocean lies to the north, while the steppes of Kazakhstan and Mongolia lie to the south. There are many indigenous peoples of North Asia located in Siberia. North Asia comprises Siberia that stretches for 3500 km from north to south. The east to west distance is nearly 7000 km. Western Siberia comprises of woody lowlands, with several rivers and lakes. The tundra ecosystem is unique to North Asia. The Finno-Ugric is the first indigenous peoples of North Asia. It is widely accepted that the Uralic Proto-language was spoken till 4000 BC. The area comprised  [...]