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  • Wildlife Delights at Koshi Tappu Reserve

    Posted in Nepal | May 21, 2013
    Koshi Tappu Wild Life Reserve is an excellent wildlife reserve in Nepal.  Spanning over the districts of Sunsari and Saptari this located in the eastern South direction of Nepal.  The reserve has been a wetland region since 1987  and is filled with patches of deciduous reserve and  scrubs . This is what makes Koshi Tappu Reserve a special destination for all wildlife enthusiasts. With around 438 species of birds recorded here, it is a delight to visit this natural heaven where you get to see some of the best varieties of birds here in this part of the world. Whether it is herons, or ducks, ibis or the storks , egrets or any such birds, tours here are always filled with a special travel ecstasy. There are in fact birds, which come all the  [...]
  • Fascinating Nepal Tour Attractions

    Posted in Nepal | February 21, 2013
    Come to the beautiful continent of Asia and visit the fascinating locales in Nepal, which provide you with a memorable travel delight. Ensconced in a beautiful terrain with the best of surroundings Nepal is a heavenly tour locale and has the best of travel experiences. There are many places to see in Nepal so let us see which the best ones are. Tours to this beautiful region are incomplete without a visit to the capital city of Kathmandu. Earlier called Kantipur the Nepal kingdom welcomes with a natural ambience that is unbeatable. The temple of the living goddess is located here and it is interesting to see how she acknowledges her devotees from the balcony of her residence, Kathmandap. This is how Kathmandu got its name. It is said that this  [...]
  • Nepal Tourism

    Posted in Nepal | March 17, 2011
    Nepal is one of the most impoverished nations in the world. The country is blighted by poverty, human rights violations and corruption. The economics is in a pitiable state. However Nepal tourism has seen a development of sorts in the recent times. This has been in the nature of a lifesaver for the economy as well. The country is an extremely popular backpacker destination. Mountaineers come here for the mountains, and skiers come here for the slopes. There are a huge number of professional travelers coming here from all over the world. Nepal Tourism is a rich and varied experience. As a destination, Nepal has almost everything you would want. The mountains here are the highest in the world. Mt Everest is the highest mountain in the world  [...]
  • A Total Buddhist Experience

    Posted in China , India , Japan , Nepal , Thailand | October 1, 2010
    Asia was the birthplace of Buddhism, and the c0ntinent has numerous places that are significant from the point of view of association with origination, expansion, spiritual leaders and places of worship. The countries of India, Nepal, China, Japan, Thailand and several others have a veritable wealth in the way of places with Buddhist significance. The sheer number and variety of temples, pagodas, monasteries, retreats which stand out on many points including the distinguishing style of architecture, ornate statues and delightful gardens. The precepts that make up Buddhism as a religion comprises of a variety of customs, traditions, rituals, practices and beliefs, and Lord Buddha ( the awakened one ) was responsible for codifying most of these. Even  [...]
  • High Meditation on High altitudes

    Posted in Nepal | September 27, 2010
    When you breathe, it clearly lifts the mind and spirit.  This is said by Amar Puri; who is a wiry man, wearing a sweat stained t-shirt. Over here he crouched as a patch on a lawn and then poured salt water in one nostril from a neti pot.  He then snorts out and sneezes.  All this happens as the morning mist just hovers above the gray surface of the Phewa Lake. This is what the Himalayas reflect. There are twelve students in this class of Sadhana yoga.  This is a very humble retreat that is perched in a hillside.  These twelve students pick up their neti pots and look at each other n start giggling.  In a few moments, they all seem to realize how far they were from their house, and were practicing yoga in the shadow of one of the highest  [...]
  • River rafting in Nepal

    Posted in Nepal | August 12, 2010
    Nepal is the ultimate destination the whole world hen it comes to kayaking and white water rafting. The monsoon is the best time for thrill seekers to ride the adrenaline filled waters of the rivers in Nepal. White water Rafting: Nepal has many rivers which range in every level of white water rafting. The adventure enthusiasts are spoiled for choice when it comes to rafting in this mountainous terrain. White water rafting is a great way to discover the beauty of Nepal and is also a good adventure holiday. These rivers of Nepal provide some of the world’s stunning sceneries as they make their down from the Himalayas. You can experience the natural wonders of Nepal first hand. The remote rural villages and farm lands tucked away in the terrain  [...]
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    Popular tourist attractions in Nepal

    Posted in Nepal | May 25, 2010
    Soaring ice-topped mountains that shimmer with the colorful rainbows of the prayer flags, whilst the intense streets of the capital city of Kathmandu are a constant frenzy of the honking mopeds, along with the chattering of vendors and the garish signs the country of Nepal is a comprehensively multicolored slice of Asia. Given below are popular tourist attractions Bhaktapur Bhaktapur is also known as the Temple City. Here you will surely admire the unusual animal paintings that are exhibited in the National Art Gallery. This art gallery located within the old Malla Palace. The various other museums in the country include the renowned National Woodworking Museum, which shows fine examples of well-known Newari woodcarving, and also the Brass  [...]
  • How tall is Mount Everest? Answer if you know

    Posted in Nepal | March 10, 2010
    The whole world knows about the incredible Mount Everest that sits between Nepal and Tibet. However, have you ever thought of how tall is Mount Everest? Its beauty flourishes through its height, nature, and ice. The blue colored views of the Everest seem like hugging the blue sky. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world and is the dream of many people who wants to take a glimpse of the beautiful heaven. In fact, Mount Everest is the dream of many climbers who want to make a journey by climbing on the mountain. Mount Everest, a part of the Himalayan Mountains boasts that the Himalaya with its beauty and attracts many people on its bed. Dating to the past, Mount Everest was formed about 60 million years ago. The formation of this gigantic  [...]