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  • Travel Delights At Yangon

    Posted in Myanmar | May 4, 2013
    Visit Yangon in the beautiful land of Myanmar and enjoy the travel experiences in this amalgamated region of Burmese, Chinese, British, and Indian culture. This largest Myanmar city is a great example of unique British colonial architecture and interesting places. Take a trip to the Pagoda here and enjoy this lovely Greek cross with four entrances dominating the structure. Following the steps to the top, you would find an octagonal intersection and the Stupa at the centre. There are smaller shrines surrounding the stupa and there is a Buddha icon in the middle. With the four walkways forming the mainstay of the visits here, the Eastern Walkway is the most interesting with many vendors dominating the area. So all your shopping for lacquer ware,  [...]
  • Bagan Travel Pleasures in Myanmar Tours

    Posted in Myanmar | March 19, 2013
    Bagan or Pagan is a beautiful place situated in the upper portion of Myanmar and is in fact the earlier capital of the first dynasty of this region. With more than 2000 stupas and temples dominating the region on the eastern banks of the River Ayeyarwady, all tourists coming to Myanmar frequent this interesting travel spot. Pagodas are the main attractions here and the sight of the beautiful religious red coloured monuments is mesmerizing. This fascinating religious hub is easily accessible from nearby cities by vehicles like the horse cart, the car, and even the ordinary cycle. Sunsets on the river Ayeyarwaddy and the simply enchanting ambience dominate the tours here. Bagan has innumerable temples with the Ananda Temple being the most visited  [...]
  • The Mergui Archipelago ,Myanmar

    Posted in Myanmar | June 16, 2010
    If you are one of those amazingly wild and adventurous folk who are into exploring places that are unchartered and exotic, you just can’t afford to miss The Mergui Archipelago. An Archipelago is a cluster if islands that have been formed tectonically. Located in the southmost part of the Union of Myanmar ( Burma ), this place is scenically stunning with rocky terrain and overwhelming greenery .Mergui boasts of exotic fauna, both on land and underwater. This archipelago is essentially made up of eight hundred amazingly-beautiful and exotic islands that cover an area of ten thousand square miles. Thats quite a huge stretch of pure fun and awesome adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories !! The islands vary in size from  [...]
  • Shwedagon Pagoda: Mother of All Pagodas in Myanmar

    Posted in Myanmar | March 3, 2010
    If you are searching peace and spiritual side, then visit Myanmar, previously known as Burma. This country is beautiful with long history, ancient cultural sites in dramatic landscapes, colorful and friendly people, the entire experience will make you a complete different person while returning home. Most of the religious tourists who visit Myanmar cannot miss going to Shwedagon Pagoda, which is known to be the ‘Mother of all pagodas in Myanmar’. It is the scared place situated at top of the Singuttara Hill and hoses the holy remnant relics of Buddha and his three precedent Buddhas. The most amazing fact about this place is that it was built in early sixth and 7th century and if counted its more than 2500 years old. Another fact about this  [...]