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  • Mongolian Pleasures at Ulaanbaatar

    Posted in Mongolia | April 20, 2013
    Ulaanbaatar the Mongolian capital is a lovely place in this part of Asia and is the main hub for any kind of destination inside the Mongolian region. The city has an international airport and the Trans-Siberian rail line thus making it very easily accessible. This cultural and economic center is the place where there are many tourist attractions and where you have maximum entertainment. Situated on the banks of the River Tuul, this fascinating travel destination is bounded by four sacred mountains with the pine forest forming a perfect covering of a green blanket. The grassy steppes and the northern slopes along with the peaceful and tranquil surroundings make up for tours to this part of the world. Ulaanbaatar is a city of contrasts where you  [...]
  • The enchanted people in the great Gobi desert Mongolia

    Posted in Mongolia | August 3, 2010
    Th Gobi is a large desert region in Asia. It covers the northwestern part of chine. It is also present in the southern part of Mongolia. The desert basins here are surrounded by the atlai mountains and thee various grasslands that lie to the north part of china. Gobi is also quite a notable historical part of the whole Mongolian empire. This used to be a common location with the different cities moving along a this route for trade. the Gobi is actually a rain shadow which is formed by the Himalaya range which blocks the rain carrying clouds from reaching here at the Gobi. The Gobi id divided into five distinct regions these five regions are classified as Eco regions. These cover an area of about two hundred and eighty one thousand and eight  [...]
  • Mongolia on Foot

    Posted in Mongolia | July 8, 2010
    Have you ever heard of the Mongolia 2010 expedition ? A British adventurer Ripley Davenport has attempted a spectacular solo journey into the wilderness of Mongolia. He is attempting to travel alone for about seventeen hundred miles; first on foot through the Gobi desert continuing his journey through the Altai mountains. Later, he will mount all his gear and supplies in a cart that has been specially designed for this journey. Mongolia is a land of Nomads. The country is very poorly populated. It is essentially landlocked with china on its south and Russia to its north. Kazakhstan lies to the west of it. The country has a lot of greenery. It is also called the ‘land of blue skies’. There are about two hundred and fifty days in  [...]