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  • Tham Kong Lo Cave

    Posted in Laos | June 30, 2011
    Tham Kong Lo Cave, as far as natural wonders go, is a simply spectacular location that is popular with discerning travelers in Laos. The experience of getting to the cave by a tiny skiff that seems precariously balanced and paddled by a local guide that can speak English only in bits and finally coming across the sinister cave opening that greedily intakes you into the darkness can be eerie, but in a good way of course. The caves are filled with intrigue and mystique. Tham Kong Lo Cave is located deeply concealed in the thick wilderness that is the Phu Hin Bun region of Central Laos. The caves have a huge number of elements that make for a unique experience, the three hundred feet tall ceilings, eerie limestone formations, stalactites and more.  [...]
  • Adventure in the Caves used during the ‘Secret war’, in Laos

    Posted in Laos | September 23, 2010
    Laos is a landlocked country in the south east region of Asia. Laos is bordered by Burma and the people’s republic of china which lies to the northwest. Vietnams lies to the east. Cambodia lies to the south and Thailand is to the West. Lab Xang is the kingdom from where you could trace back the history of Laos. If you know about a network o caves then you know that brings to light an idea of a secret war which the United States waged against Laos in northern Vietnam. Although, these caves also help in opening a region which is in need of tourism revenue. There are five caves in the Viengxay district which is part of the houaphanh province, this happens to be one of the poorest sections of the entire country. There are about four hundred and  [...]