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  • All about Travels to Esfahan

    Posted in Iran | September 26, 2012
    Visit the Florence of Orient Esfahan. This is half the world and all here are there to describe the sheer magnificence of this beautiful land. This is a glorious city which shines along the life giving river in the middle of Iran. When you step into Esfahan, it seems as if the entire city has been getting itself ready for a royal visit. It has great architecture, churches, fascinating mosques and graceful mansions alongwith palaces, gardens and majestic bridges. This is a city that has the best of humanity and the most of architecture. There is hardly a city here where you can find a road without a central pedestal of trees, flowers, fruits and fountains. At every corner you would find spectacular glories of the past. The Safayid dynasty used  [...]
  • Persepolis is the Complex of Terraced Monuments

    Posted in Iran | March 29, 2010
    Located at 70 km northeast of the Shiraz city in Iran, the excavated ruins of  ersepolis was the traditional capital of the Persian Empire representing the majestic power of the Achaemenid dynasty (550-330 BC). However, the remains date back to as far as 515 BC. Known by the old Persians as the City of Persians, this archaeological site now-a-days is called Takht-e Jamshid (Throne of Jamshid) and Parseh and it is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous for utilizing the wooden columns, the buildings in the complex are categorized into three groups namely, military chambers, the treasury, reception halls, and the king’s special homes. Among them, the attractions are the Great Stairway, Gate of Nations, Tachara Palace of Darius, Apadana  [...]
  • Takht-e Soleyman is the land of Persian Beliefs and Great Monuments

    Posted in Iran | March 24, 2010
    In West Azarbaijan of Iran, Takht-e Soleyman, meaning the Throne of Solomon, is an archaeologically fortified site in a wide mountain valley between Urmia and Hamadan at 45 km from the Takab town. It is the heritage of the Sassanid era listed in the UNESCO World Heirtage site. It is famous for its remains of a Zoroastrian fire temple of the Sassanid period holding one of the three Great Fires or Royal Fires in front of whom the kings degrade themselves before the throne ceremony. The excavations have also found the relics of the Achaemenid and Median eras. In all, the most famous Sassanid monuments are the Azargoshnasb Fire Temple, Anahita Temple, Hadaya (Gifts) Museum, Zendan (Jail) Mountain, and the Belgheis Castle. Legends According to the  [...]