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  • Wet Markets in Hong Kong

    Posted in Hong Kong | August 29, 2012
    Hong Kong is a land that is filled with unique travel attractions. The wet markets here are one such, must do in tours here. So come here and see these markets filled with the best sights of meat and fish. They are a great feature of Life in Hong Kong. Before the arrival of the British here in the 19th century, the markets took over the entire place and they were held once or twice a week in towns like Tai Po. After the colonization set in, the daily street markets grew more. Then these markets got built in the regions of Wanchai, Central and Sheung Wan. Today Hong Kong is a place that has a well stocked market selling everything from fish to dry fruits. Not all the markets are the same. Before you go understand the unit for measurement here  [...]
  • Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery Travel Surprises

    Posted in Hong Kong | June 14, 2012
    Some of the most fascinating travels are had in the lands providing the most ancient sights and the regions having the most mesmerizing locales. There are so many intriguing things in the world that provide so many interesting travel sights that tours to certain parts of the word always are special. The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Hong Kong is one such example for the tour delights intriguing the tourists coming to this part of the world. Situated on the Po fook Hill at the village of Pai Tau, in Shatin, this is one attraction that never fails to intrigue the tourist. Founded in the year 1949, this is a lovely monastery that is not totally managed by laypersons. The Reverend Yuet Kai founded it and the tourists coming here sometimes get  [...]
  • Lamma Island

    Posted in Hong Kong | March 1, 2011
    Lamma Island is one of the many islands that are located within Hong Kong. There are a number of islands that are notable that part of the archipelago, and Lantau island is one of them. Lamma Island is yet another rewarding destination, and there are a good number of attractions here as well. The island of Lamma can be accessed via ferry, which can be boarded on from the Central Pier in Hong Kong. Go to Pier Six, where you can get a ferry to the island. Lamma Island is located in the west of Hong Kong. The moment you step on the island you will notice that there are no cars around, in fact no vehicle of any description. There are vehicles only at the power station here, and these do not generally come out on the island. The major concentration  [...]
  • Lantau Island: A Lovely Island

    Posted in Hong Kong | January 6, 2011
    Lantau Island is Hong Kong’s largest outlaying island. It is nearly two times the size of the island of Hong Kong. Nearly one half of the island has received designation as an area for country parks. The environment at the island is tranquil and peaceful. The lush green surroundings make it a haven for hikers and nature lovers. Visitors wishing to spend an entire day at Lantau Island should utilize the Cable Car ride called Ngong Ping 360. This is Hong Kong’s newest attraction with cultural themes. It covers the regions from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping Village. There is the wonderful statue of the giant Buddha, who gazes serenely on the monastery of Po Lin. There are few such statues in the world which have a powerful effect on the imagination.  [...]
  • Have some tea at the Hong Kong peninsula

    Posted in Hong Kong | July 22, 2010
    Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of the people’s republic of china. This place is located on the south coat of china and is encapsulated by the Pearl River delta and the South China Sea. Hong Kong is known for its amazing skyline and natural harbors witch run deep. All this contributing to making it a trade capital which competes on an international level. Hon Kong has a land mass of about one thousand one hundred square kilometers and a population of roughly about seven million people. Under the principle of one country with two systems, Hong Kong is one of the world leading financial centers. It has a very stringent capitalist service economy and has very low taxation. Electronic s and such are quite cheap here  [...]
  • Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl

    Posted in Hong Kong | March 25, 2010
    People who are not familiar with Chinese tradition and culture, they will surely love Hong Kong. It has perfect image of Asia as well as known as “the Gateway to China”. Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong previously it was just a small fishing community and now it has turned out the world’s fourth biggest financial and banking center as well as its trading economy stands on eight ranks. Thought the population of Hong Kong is mixed, the common widespread religion is Christianity and Buddhism. Hong Kong was ruled for 150 years by the British as a result it is greatly influenced by the west, which can be seen now as a cosmopolitan center. However, t is still uniquely Chinese. In Hong Kong there is no language barrier as English is  [...]