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  • All about Xi’an Travels in China tours

    Posted in China | August 27, 2012
    China is a land filled with the best tour delights and travel attractions. Come here and feel the glory of royal touch. Xi’an attractions are the most famous here and are of an ancient nature. The Terracotta Army and the architecture of the ancient capital is something to be seen to believe. These date back to the Chinese Union in the year 221 BC and it was built by the Emperor Quin who actually had life size Terracotta Army designed to be with him in his afterlife. There is a beautiful ancientness about this place that is inclusive of the City Wall, Drum Tower, Bell Tower and also the Wild Goose Pagodas. With most of the natural sights here in Xi’an like the Huaquing Hot Springs and the Mount Hua giving perfect travel delights the  [...]
  • Beijing Travels and Tour Delights

    Posted in China | May 24, 2012
    While in China, enjoy the pleasures of being in a land of mystique and elegance. There is a certain charm here that instills in the tourists a need to explore the entire region with a lot of enthusiasm. Come to the old capital city and see how this lovely land has developed at a fast pace. This is an ideal travel destination. So explore the pleasures of being in Beijing and see how the mysterious facet of this beautiful city unfolds in your travels to China. Start with exploring the Imperial Palace which is a greatly fascinating palace in this lovely city in China. With more than 9000 rooms and spanning over 250 acres, this is a building hat was constructed between the years 1406 and 1420. This is a palace that was destroyed, rebuilt and renovated  [...]
  • Lijiang Travel Guide and Tour Attractions

    Posted in China | March 22, 2012
    Located in the northwestern plateau in the region of Yunan, Lijiang is a lovely locale in this part of China providing ideal travel attractions. Lijiang meaning the Beautiful River gets its name from the way it is positioned and the way it has the River Jinsha flowing by it. With a population that is made up of the Lisu, Bai, Naxi, Pumi, Tibetan, Yi, Hui, Miao and Han and many other ethnic groups this is one land that gives a lot of travel sights. Lijiang has two kinds of seasons one  wet and the other dry. The primitive religion here is the Dongba which is a common belief of the Naxi people. This ancient land was built at the base of the Yulong Snow Mountain and was on a flatland. The name that was there earlier was dayan Zheng which meant  [...]
  • Anhui Province, China

    Posted in China | August 11, 2011
    Anhui Province is located in eastern central China. The province is one of China’s most important provinces. It is located across the basins of Yangtze River and Huaihe River. The province of Anhui shares its boundaries with the provinces of Henan, Shandong, Hubei, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Anhui was the first region in southern China where the Han dynasty settled, from c 205 BC. The Ming dynasty ruled Anhui in the 14 t h to 17 t h centuries. Anhui became a province of its own under the Manchi dynasty in the 17th century. The Japanese occupied it for a period of time in the WWII. After the war, it was held by the Nationalists for some time, before communists took over. Anhui is an important center for culture, history and more. The province  [...]
  • Yangshuo, China – Sights

    Posted in China | July 28, 2011
    Yangshuo is a county located in the Guanxi Province in China. It is perhaps one of China’s most beautiful locations. The landscapes here are dramatically stunning with over twenty thousand limestone peaks and acres of lush rice paddies. Well, you can not say you have seen China if you have not been to Yangshuo. The natural beauty of the country can be best experienced in the stunningly beautiful region. Yangshuo can be accessed from the city of Guilin from where you can travel to Yangshuo by bus, taxi or ferry. The ferry ride is a fun way to travel, and takes about four hours. It offers some great views of the river and the limestone. However, there are times when the river gets filled with boats and ferries, which is not that much fun. Also,  [...]
  • Shanghai China

    Posted in China | November 11, 2010
    When you look at Shanghai China, it always seem to look up ahead. And when you look up to explore its spirit of modernity, there is a new spirit that has risen, which is the spirit of conservation. There is a huge structure which is four storeys, which is essentially a collection of venders, stalls, the largest – fake designer goods market and such other similar shops in this outlet in Shanghai China. You get Tag Hauer, Armani, Dio, Chloe, Piaget and dolce and Gabbana. You could attend the ‘lead up to the world’- expo; which usually begins in May and goes all the way till Jan. The international luxury brand manufacturers try to put as much pressure as they can on the Chinese authorities to put a clamp on the fake markets. There  [...]
  • The Red Herring courtyard hotel in Beijing

    Posted in China | October 11, 2010
    When you are in Huong, there is a huge maze like alleyways which belongs to old Beijing. The Cote Cour is quite similar to this traditional courtyard and the wide layout.  This place has an imperial shade of red and large black lacquer which gives an awesome contrast as against the usual carved door and pots made with porcelain which is all made with pavilion architecture. There are about ten rooms and suites and all of these follow a different theme.  This place is from a huge pink palette of the entire Kingdom of Tibet. The hues of which are quite subtle when you actually run the whole thing by, let us say the Bamboo or the white house. The hotel is not just any other general hotel. In fact when you wake up you would be sure to know exactly  [...]
  • A Total Buddhist Experience

    Posted in China , India , Japan , Nepal , Thailand | October 1, 2010
    Asia was the birthplace of Buddhism, and the c0ntinent has numerous places that are significant from the point of view of association with origination, expansion, spiritual leaders and places of worship. The countries of India, Nepal, China, Japan, Thailand and several others have a veritable wealth in the way of places with Buddhist significance. The sheer number and variety of temples, pagodas, monasteries, retreats which stand out on many points including the distinguishing style of architecture, ornate statues and delightful gardens. The precepts that make up Buddhism as a religion comprises of a variety of customs, traditions, rituals, practices and beliefs, and Lord Buddha ( the awakened one ) was responsible for codifying most of these. Even  [...]
  • The Sunday market and the West Lake, china

    Posted in China | August 2, 2010
    At the foot of The Parmir Mountains, you might find it hard to believe that you are still in china. The place looks as though it has been stuck in the early hundreds.  The remote city called kashgar has a very diverse and mid boggling Sunday market which may attract enthusiastic tourists and is also a very famous photography arena. This place is supposed to be the largest market in the whole of the world. This place has about one hundred and fifty thousand people. This market has been on every weekend from about one thousand years. The Muslim Uighurs who make up the majority of the population in the Xingjian province. This place is sized almost like Alaska. The women here come dressed up in brown gauze that come here to trade and sell and  [...]
  • Lhasa, Tibet, china

    Posted in China | July 26, 2010
    Lhasa is the administrative capital in the autonomous Tibet in the people’s republic of china. Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world and it is literally the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism. This place is famous for its ancient palaces of the norbulinka, jokhan and potala. In the seventh century when songstan gampo became the leader of the Tibetan empire, he became the main power in the region of the Brahmaputra river valley.  He later went on to conquer the kingdom of zahn zhung which lies to the west.  Lhasa soon became a religious as well as a political state.  And it also remained as the capital of the entire Tibetan empire. When langdrama conquered this place in the ninth century, all the sacred sites were conquered and desecrated. When  [...]