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  • Cambodian Travel Delights in Sihanoukville

    Posted in Cambodia | December 22, 2012
    Visit Sihanoukville which is an extremely beautiful locale in this part of the world in Cambodia and enjoy this fascinating zone of visual delights and beach pleasures. This peninsula with its sandy beaches has tiny islands bordering it all over. The youngest city in Cambodia, Sihanoukville town came to life in the year 1955 when a construction team came and discovered the area of Kompong Som. They started work here and thus took birth the first deep water port in Cambodia. This got over sometime in the year 1960 and the entire region began to be called Sihanoukville in memory of the King Sihanouk. Today the area is however still referred to as Kompong Som by the locals. Sihanoukville was kept away from public eye by the Khmer rouge but the  [...]
  • Bokor national Park Tour Guide

    Posted in Cambodia | September 1, 2012
    Visit Cambodia the land of pleasurable trips and come back with a valuable travel kitty. Enjoy the beautiful regions here and bask in the pleasures of a great travel destination. Visit the Bokor National park here and experience the pleasures of a great wild life locale. Established in the 1920s by the French with a view to have a good hill stations,  Bokor has been abandoned once during the Khmer rouge era and the other time  during  the Second World War. It was recognized in the year 1993 as a national park and stretches over the provinces and regions of Cambodia and has been the haven for the tigers and elephants here. The whole of Bokor has witnessed a lot of battles between the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese. The buildings of the Catholic  [...]
  • Kampot Attractions and Beautiful Memories

    Posted in Cambodia | May 10, 2012
    Come to Cambodia and bask in the delights of experiencing great travel destinations. While here, a visit to Kampot becomes necessary for this is a spectacular locale with great tour experiences. So if you are yearning to getaway from the hubbub of daily life then Kampot is the place to be. This sleepy delightful locale lies on the banks of The River Kampot and gives the best views of the Elephant Mountains and the Bokor region. Kampot was initially a centre for trading activities and was the main port of Cambodia till the Shiahnoukville port was established sometime in the fifties. One can see some small fishing boats here still and there small unloading and loading that are still practiced here. You can walk across the region and see the river  [...]
  • Phnom Kulen, Cambodia

    Posted in Cambodia | June 16, 2011
    Phnom Kulen is one of Cambodia’s most rewarding adventure destinations. In fact, it is one of Asia’s most beautiful spots.  It is a bit lesser known as it is located in Cambodia, but discerning travelers all over the world are aware of the beauty of the region. If you are fond of adventure, there is no better location to head to. Accessing the Phnom Kulen is an adventurous experience in itself. The city is best accessed from Siem Reap City. The way to the region is not wholly off road, but a fair bit is, close to ten miles. The rainy season is when the going gets next to impossible. A good portion of the road has been recently grated. High axle vehicles or four wheel drives are essential if you want to reach here safely. Siem Reap is about  [...]
  • Angkor Wat Temple

    Posted in Cambodia | February 3, 2011
    If you find yourself fascinated by the magic of Cambodia, make sure that you visit the Angkor Wat Temple. This temple is one of the most beautiful structures in the country, and is housed in the Angkor Wat Complex, among many other top temples. The beauty and historical significance of the temple is so much that one wonders why it is not more famous. In fact, there is a saying by people in the know about the temple, had the temple been built anywhere else other than Cambodia, it would have been among the most popular and most visited monuments like the Taj Mahal or the Parthenon. I am not exaggerating when I make such statements. The beauty of the historical monument is one such that rivals the best, and stands on its own. The unique aspect  [...]
  • A world of difference at Phnom Penh

    Posted in Cambodia | October 4, 2010
    Alexis De Suremain, who is a famous hotelier and proprietor of the Pavilion hotel, lives right down the street from the royal palace. This place is quite comfortable and chic as well. Just like it is quite tasteful but not that trendy. This place is quite popular among the growing population of the two million visitors who come here from Cambodia.  There is also one unthinkable stop which is at Phnom Penh at the Angkor Wat itinerary. Many people who have come to Cambodia earlier have hated it. In fact you could fid the Khmer population quite easy going and painfully shy at the same time. This place is quite uneducated.  In fact there is no place where you could attempt to counter revolutionary influences. The government policy was to kill  [...]
  • Hotel de la Paix Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Posted in Cambodia | September 16, 2010
    The increasingly popular place for the many tourists to visit is Siem Reap.  This place is almost like the Las Vegas of Cambodia, the place has a lovely hotel which is built just along the highway right into town.  In fact this is all just a matter of time before buildings in the likes of the famous construction Mogul, Steve Wynn, are built here. The hotel De La Paix is an elegant and well made oasis like venue that is built in the middle of this uncanny town. The chaos is sealed completely out the walls of this hotel. The hotel is designed in a way that you would be quite tempted to not even leave the premises. You could always opt to go on an excursion to Angkor Watt.  There are lighter excursions to other temples as well, although it  [...]
  • Get busy in Siem Reap, Cambodia – Part 2

    Posted in Cambodia | September 13, 2010
    You should definitely try the post dinner buzz at the pre slumber rubdown at the famous Frangipani spa which is located ay the Hup Guan Street. You could reach them at 8551 2982062. This place has art hanging on its walls and orchids in its vases. The spas here   have a very fashionable feel to it. In fact it almost feels like you are in the house of someone you actually do know! The sofas here are such that you can just sink into. Sip on some tamarind juice and dip you feet in a tub that is filled with frangipani. After this you are pretty sure to get a good sixty minute massage. Get yourself up a little early in the morning and get ready to experience the famous Buddhist temple of Angkor Wat. At the archeological Park, the admission for  [...]
  • Get busy In Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Posted in Cambodia | September 9, 2010
    The temples that are located at Angkor are probably quite captivating. Although  if you do end up going to visit the many temple s, the sunlight is too bright and scorching , the air is gritty and the road is  filled with pot holes. It is probably because of this reason that a lot of the visitors who come to Cambodia, direct themselves to Siem Reap. Over here, the town has built itself to accommodate and handle the entire tourist population of Siem reap. This place has now turned into a well defined haven; hang out for the many tourists here. There is a group of international chefs over here that make some of the most delectable food in the whole country. The bars here are just amazing and the night life is off the hook.  Art has found a  [...]
  • History Angkor Wat: Sad but the fact

    Posted in Cambodia | March 9, 2010
    Angkor Wat, a major attraction that lies at a distance of 314 kilometres northwest of the Capital Phnom Penh is among the most powerful kingdoms of Southeast Asia. The complete Angkor Wat extends for over VI centuries and more specifically it is from IX till XV century. The temple of Angkor Wat symbolizes the peak of Khmer creativity and magnificence of the Khmer Empire. Covering 4000 square kilometres of area, Angkor Wat is the major tourist destination for those who love to explore the past lives. Well, when you think about this attraction, one thing that will strike at first is ‘history Angkor Wat’. Right at the centre you will get the temple of Angkor wat, which is the largest and most renowned of all the temples. Besides this, Angkor  [...]