Wet Markets in Hong Kong

Posted in Hong Kong | August 29, 2012

Hong Kong is a land that is filled with unique travel attractions. The wet markets here are one such, must do in tours here. So come here and see these markets filled with the best sights of meat and fish. They are a great feature of Life in Hong Kong.

Before the arrival of the British here in the 19th century, the markets took over the entire place and they were held once or twice a week in towns like Tai Po. After the colonization set in, the daily street markets grew more. Then these markets got built in the regions of Wanchai, Central and Sheung Wan. Today Hong Kong is a place that has a well stocked market selling everything from fish to dry fruits. Not all the markets are the same. Before you go understand the unit for measurement here is the catty or gan in Cantonese language. This has been the traditional unit of measurement here and is equal to around 1.1 pound or half a kilo. Traders normally reduce their prices towards evening so it is worthwhile to buy it during this time.

Visit Graham Street, Central which is the oldest operating market here in the Graham Street. It has been existing since 160 years and the surroundings have been redeveloped over the fewyars. Most of the stalls here are all find indoors.

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Enjoy the sight of this market with the vendors all lined up uphill from the region of the Central Office. There are many dry goods stores that are found behind the market stalls and this is inclusive of the Kowloon Soy Company. Graham Street is a place where you could speak English and not worry about the local Cantonese language.

Then go to the Tai Po Hui market which was built some time in 2004. It has lovely cantilevered structure with towers surrounding the entire area. The areas are spacious and clean and if you want the best milk, honey and locally grown products. The Organic Grocery Wall here is a permanent feature and so you would really enjoy such small stalls here into his land of pleasurable we t markets.

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Go to the Fu Shin Street which is another land filled with great marketing experience. Here there is lot of boisterousness and so you would see the traders shouting their special in a loud voice. The fresh food in the outdoor markets and the variety of seafood and meat here is a great attraction for the tourists. There are live fish that are seen flopping in bowls of water. Then there are headless seals slithering in their own blood. Then there are pork and chicken that are not yeast butchered. But here the language is predominantly the local one and English is very rare here. One can weave around the market with the help of guides who make sure that you don’t get lost in these areas. They help you by telling what you have to look for, and what you have to pick. They help you to pick the seafood and also teach you how to pick up the prices written on the signs. Combine your tours to the market with a cooking class and you would know ho exactly to go around the market.

These cooking classes are normally such that the sessions start with a trip to Kam Wa Street where you would get the best ingredients for a three meal course of Chinese cuisine. So get the spring rolls, the golden shrimp and the milk pudding here and enjoy your cooking abilities too.

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Visit also the Sham Pui Po wet market in the Kowloon area and bask in the pleasures of a great destination filled with travel delights.

Wet Markets are a way of ensuring that you enjoy your trips here in Hong Kong.

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