South Korean Delights At Jeju Island

Posted in South Korea | December 28, 2013

Come to beautiful South Korea , take back with you wonderful experiences at Jeju Island, and bask in the ambience of this semi tropical paradise. Lying to the south of the mainland Jeju is a heavenly destination. Hallasan is the highest mountain and is a challenging locale with the intriguing one day hike experiences. The panoramic view from the top and the spectacular sights are what makes these tours extremely memorable. With the white sandy beaches caressing your dreams, the simple water activities are another reason one would not want to go back from this beautiful paradise in South Korea.

Tourists enjoy scuba diving pleasures and the sights of the beautiful waters of the ocean add to the visual delights. Accommodation is easily available and with the convenient rooms and comfortable lodging facilities, tours to Jeju Island are always cherishable in their own way. It is better to rent a bicycle or a scooter as public transport is not very viable. You have the Jung Shik, which is the daily plate with some rice, soup and many side dishes. This place was called the Cheju Island and is the only special autonomous province with Jeju city as its capital.

Jeju Island is also called the Island of the Gods and is a great holiday spot for all the Koreans and tourists. Today this is a very popular honeymoon destination and is viewed as the topmost honeymoon destinations in the world. With hiking on the Halla San as a major activity, the travel experiences are more than just a flight away.

Visiting South Korea could not have been better than to have a beautiful experience in Jeju Island.

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