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Posted in China | August 27, 2012

China is a land filled with the best tour delights and travel attractions. Come here and feel the glory of royal touch. Xi’an attractions are the most famous here and are of an ancient nature. The Terracotta Army and the architecture of the ancient capital is something to be seen to believe. These date back to the Chinese Union in the year 221 BC and it was built by the Emperor Quin who actually had life size Terracotta Army designed to be with him in his afterlife.

There is a beautiful ancientness about this place that is inclusive of the City Wall, Drum Tower, Bell Tower and also the Wild Goose Pagodas. With most of the natural sights here in Xi’an like the Huaquing Hot Springs and the Mount Hua giving perfect travel delights the tours here are very interesting and memorable.

Xian is a lovely city which bears a lot of heritage value and is rich with the sights offered here. There are remnants here which are totally found scattered across the entire city. today Xi’an is a major Chinese centre and is a destination where many tourists simply flock to see the beauty of the sights here. The medieval past of the city is a great attraction for all and today the city is a must see in visits to China.

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The most interesting part of the city is the natural ambience. Sightseeing here gives a lot many interesting locales than expected. The city is the capital of the country, and so there are lot of historical tales and dynasty statistics to this city. The ancient architecture and the past remnants make tours here more informative.

Visit the Teracotta Army Warriors which is a greatly valued possession here in the city and is a World Heritage Site too. With the many terracotta statues which are the structures dominating the city, it is a fantastic journey down history here. These were basically constructed to protect the tomb of Qin Shi Huang who was the emperor who united China sometime in 221 BC. Today they remain buried and also unremembered since many years. This was a tomb that was rediscovered sometime in the year 1974, and since then there have been many more areas that have been excavated and that have reveled the presence of clay soldiers. There are rows and rows life size soldiers here and as they gaze back at you, this is some experience that you are surely going to get delighted about. .There is an exhibition hall here which exhibits the bronze relics which are obtained here from the excavations here.

Visit the Hua Qing Pools which is another ancient place which has a special construction of pools which draw a lot of water from this hot springs nearby. Then there is the Wild Goose Pagoda that goes back many centuries and is a great example of the architecture that existed here during that period.

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Go to the Drum Tower and also the Bell tower which is a very popular landmark of the city of Xian. Then of course there is the Hua Shan Mountains which is around two hours from Xian. It is a place that has many tourists visiting the place to relish the simple serene ambience of the place. The peak is a great destination for seeing the best sights of sunrise and also has great mountaineering and hiking experiences.

Xi’an is also a great shopping destination and provides ideal travel pleasures. Here people come and enjoy the variety of goods available here. The city ahs some of the best street markets with a great range of items to shop for. The markets are known for the best kind of accessories, cosmetics as well as leather goods. Markets are great havens for food stuffs. World class malls have come up here in the city and thus provide a lot of tour delights to the travellers.

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Thus the city of Xian with its beautiful fascinations and lovely structures invites the tourists with a kind of warmth that is unmistakable and infectious too.

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