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Posted in Iran | September 26, 2012

Visit the Florence of Orient Esfahan. This is half the world and all here are there to describe the sheer magnificence of this beautiful land. This is a glorious city which shines along the life giving river in the middle of Iran.

When you step into Esfahan, it seems as if the entire city has been getting itself ready for a royal visit. It has great architecture, churches, fascinating mosques and graceful mansions alongwith palaces, gardens and majestic bridges. This is a city that has the best of humanity and the most of architecture.

There is hardly a city here where you can find a road without a central pedestal of trees, flowers, fruits and fountains. At every corner you would find spectacular glories of the past. The Safayid dynasty used to rule here and thus grew the outcome of the Iranian and Islamic culture and architecture. Esfahan was a city which had a population of a million and which has many libraries, parks, mosques, shops and public baths.

Esfahan Travel

The Naqsh e Jahan Square is a real gem in the city of Esfahan and this glorious collection of buildings is a great representation of aristocratic pleasures and harmonious existence.

There is a lovely boulevard here in the western part of the Imam square and there are memorable hours spent walking under the cool green shades of the Chahar Bagh. This is the main road of the city of Esfahan and it crosses the Zayadeh Rud which is criss crossed by some of the best built and constructed bridges.

There is another sight here that is the four mile labyrinth bazaar which has a majestic Imam Square. This is the centre of Esfahan’s world famous handicrafts, fine carpets and lovely textiles. This is a great adventure for all the shopaholics of the world.

Imam Square

This beautiful city in Iran is thus a great place to visit and is therefore also called the Florence of Iran. It has majestic mosques and great structures filled with blue domes and minarets extending upto the horizon.

You can see the Imam Mosque here and the Ali Qapu Palace, Chehel Sotun, Vank Cathedral, Bazaar e Bozorg, Hasht Behest Palace, the Bath house of Sheikh Bahai and manar Joban. The Ali Quapu Palce is a palace that means The Magnificent Gate. It was at the entrance to the palaces of Safavid and it extended from the Maidan Naqsh e Jahan to the Chahar Bagh Boulevard. It was constructed at the end of the 16th century. This is a palace that was used for entertaining the visitors and the foreign ambassadors. This is around 48 metres high and has five floors with a wide terrace with a ceiling that is inlaid and is protected by wooden columns. It has a great view across the square and also offers the best view of the Imam Mosque.

The building is well decorated in the interiors and has naturalistic scenes. It is decorated with a lot of plasterwork and has sights representing vessels and pots.

Imam Mosque

Then you have the Imam Mosque which was called the Shah Mosque and is a great piece of architectural achievements during the reign of Shah Abbas I who constructed this magnificent Esfahan square. The work on this entrance started sometime in 1611 and the mosque got completed in 1629.

The minarets are around 48 m high and the central dome is around 52 m high. The hollow space is what causes loud echoes here and so it is a major attraction for all tourists.

The entrance is constructed such that it faces the square and the mosque is angled to point its direction towards Mecca. There is short passage that leads into the inner part of the mosque and it has a pool that has four iwans surrounding it. Each iwan takes you to a vaulted sanctuary. There are two madrassas and also a minbar and mihrab which are really exquisitely crafted.

Towards Mecca

The mosque is totally covered and has dazzling tiles and it is said that around 18 million bricks and more than 472500 tiles were used in constructing this mosque. There is a certain richness to the blue tiled designs and the entire structure is proportioned such that the architectural forms is totally in tandem with the Safavid era architectural forms.

With many more places to see, Esfahan in Iran is certainly worth a see.

Visit Iran and come back with valuable tours in Esfahan.

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