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Posted in China | May 24, 2012

While in China, enjoy the pleasures of being in a land of mystique and elegance. There is a certain charm here that instills in the tourists a need to explore the entire region with a lot of enthusiasm. Come to the old capital city and see how this lovely land has developed at a fast pace. This is an ideal travel destination. So explore the pleasures of being in Beijing and see how the mysterious facet of this beautiful city unfolds in your travels to China.

Start with exploring the Imperial Palace which is a greatly fascinating palace in this lovely city in China. With more than 9000 rooms and spanning over 250 acres, this is a building hat was constructed between the years 1406 and 1420. This is a palace that was destroyed, rebuilt and renovated many times. All the architecture here dates back to the time of the 18th century to the Qing Dynasty. Make sure that you wear good shoes here and the entire walk around the palace is quite interesting but does tire your feet. Coffee is available within the palace and if you have a good guide then surely you would be benefited with the pleasures of this beautiful monument here in China. Get a multi lingual guide recorder so that you could still benefit if you are a non group tourist. These recorders are available at the Meridian Gate or the southern gate of Forbidden City or the Gate of Divine Prowess or the Northern Gate of Forbidden City. As you get out of the palace return it.

Then there is the Tiananmen Square which is a greatly fascinating place in China. This is surely a beautiful sight in China and is on the top of the tour list. There is a large square here and the place has been witness to a lot of historical events since the year 1949. This is the year when there was a rostrum on Tiananmen when the chairman Mao announced that the People’s Republic of China was established. The Tiananmen surrounds the Tiananmen Square in the north and the Great Hall of the People surrounds it on the west, the National Museum of China borders it on the east and the Monument to the People’s Heroes and Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum lies on the south. As the Chinese Flag is raised and lowered the sight is surely a great experience and gives the best visual delights.

Tiananmen Square
Then of course you have the Great Wall at Badaling which is popular the world over. Climbing this majestic wall is a must for all and with the innumerable sections of the lovely wall providing greatest travel attractions; it is a great experience along the 600 kms stretch. There are eight sections here in the wall and these are the Juyongguan, Badaling, Jiankou, Hunaghuacheng, Muitanyu, Simatai, Jinshaling and also Gubeikou. The great Wall has been preserved very well and the relics date back to the time of the Ming dynasty and the hikes across this beautiful structure are a great experience. Get your sunglasses and also sun blocs with lot of water as the walks along this structure in the hot climate are very exhilarating but a little tiresome sometimes.

Great wall at badaling beijing

Then there is the Summer Palace which is called the Yiheyuan. This is a greatly fascinating garden in China. There is a park styled retreat which spans over 10 square miles and lies in the northwest suburban part of Beijing . This was the summer resort for the emperors and is a great retreat for all the visitors who come here and take rest in the old pavilions. With the sights of the best temples, buildings, huge lakes and bridges, this is a great place to visit in China. The sights of the Kunming Lake are a greatly enchanting water body in this part of the world. It has the Longevity Hill Summer Palace, and the Kunming Lake, which are surely the best sights here in the Summer Palace. With an elegant garden and compact buildings, the landscape here is a treat to the eyes. This was in fact given a World Heritage Status in the year 1998.

Summer Palace
Experience the pleasures of being in Beijing in China and enjoy the tour delights here.

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