Cambodian Travel Delights in Sihanoukville

Posted in Cambodia | December 22, 2012

Visit Sihanoukville which is an extremely beautiful locale in this part of the world in Cambodia and enjoy this fascinating zone of visual delights and beach pleasures. This peninsula with its sandy beaches has tiny islands bordering it all over. The youngest city in Cambodia, Sihanoukville town came to life in the year 1955 when a construction team came and discovered the area of Kompong Som. They started work here and thus took birth the first deep water port in Cambodia. This got over sometime in the year 1960 and the entire region began to be called Sihanoukville in memory of the King Sihanouk. Today the area is however still referred to as Kompong Som by the locals.

Sihanoukville was kept away from public eye by the Khmer rouge but the most curious travellers somehow landed here. Today there is a good road connection from Phnom Penh and so Sihanoukville is a great tourist attraction with many backpackers coming here with the expatriates from Phnom Penh spending their time here during weekends.

Sihanoukville is a place that enchants a tourist every time he visits it. There is a strange touch to the city as the place seems totally abandoned yet is a must see in tours to Cambodia . This is a relaxed beach town. There are construction projects all around yet there is a luxurious charm about the place that makes it  a great get away spot. As the street children ask you for massages and the local vendors sell their wares, there is a unique nostalgia about a visit to this beautiful Cambodian city.

The most popular beach of Sihanoukville is Ochheuteal beach which is a place that gives you the pleasures of being in a caravan park. There are motodops here and the place has putt forward lot of rules for the tourists who visit this place. The yellow grey grainy sand provides a great tour delight and the fun of being in tours here is vividly felt by the unusual mix of barang and Khmers who are seen relaxing here side by side. the turquoise waters of the beach and the tours around the region fill your travels with greatly enchanting sights.

Here you also have the Independence Beach, the Sokha beach, Serendipity beach, the Otres beach and the Victory Hill which provides greatly interesting experiences in tours and travels in this part of the world

The place also has the Ream National park which is a must see if you come to Sihanoukville.. This beautiful mangrove nature reserve is around half an hours drive from Sihanoukville. Take a motto and take the help of the park rangers for walking tours.

You also have Koh Russei here which is another lovely island. Called the Bamboo island it provides great travel attractions.

While here in Sihanoukville take the Cambodia Motorcycle Tour experience. Found based in this beach town at the base of the Serendipity beach Rod these tours provide ideal facilities of single day tours and take you around the jungle. There are multi day tours too so if you can ride a bike and like adventure then this is the one for you.

Scuba diving is also a much pursued activity here. With the islands in and around Cambodian coast, giving lot of fish and corals, the dive boats here are popular here. Also you could avail of the snorkeling and the diving facilities along with a greatly interesting dive centre, The Island Divers. This gives you the biggest boat here and provides you with greatly interesting tour attractions.

Koh Rong Samloem island is situated around 14 miles away from the main shore. So enjoy your overnight trips to these places and practise some shallow diving here at Koh Tas which is around six miles from Sihanoukville. There are overnight trips at Koh Tang also and they too give the best pleasures of scuba villages.

Snorkeling is another activity popular here at the Serendipity beach. Very famous for the lunch break at Koh Russei, tours to Serendipity are wroth remembering for the lovely sights and simple memories.

Visit the NGO in Serendipity Beach road which shows the works of the impoverished Cambodian children. It is a good experience to be with them.

There are island day trips which provide the best sights of unspoilt beaches and lovely clean surroundings. With the daily ferries taking you to the beach in the morning and giving you the pleasures of one day trips like fishing, snorkeling etc the pristine beach strip here is a real relaxation technique for all who come here.

There are Eco Sea diving facilities too in Koh Rung Sanloem where the cottage accommodations are the major attractions.

With jet skiing also forming a tour adventure activity here, Sihanoukville surely is a must see Cambodian destination.

Come to Sihanoukville and enjoy the pleasures of a fantastic travel locale in this part of the world.

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