A journey to Eternity in the Sunderban Regions

Posted in Bangladesh | June 22, 2012

Sundarbans in the southern part of Bangladesh is a fascinating zone of thrilling adventures, and memorable attractions. January is a great time to visit this place because the climate is cooler with a lot of pleasant surroundings. The nights are colder and the days are warmer during this time. The largest mangrove swamp in the entire world, Sundarbans is one region where you would certainly love to get lost in. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the visitors normally come her to enjoy the sights of the Royal Bengal tiger.

There are various tours which take you around the place and leave you enchanted with the kind of pleasures that this place gives you There are large boat tours and ship cruises too which give you great opportunities to enjoy. Wildlife enthusiasts enjoy the travels to this large expanse of exciting pleasures and it is a beautiful feeling to be amidst the most fascinating surroundings.

Sundarban Regions
The Tour

From Dhaka the port where you would have to take the boat to Sundarbans, is around 6 hours. But in Bangladesh many times fog is a major factor that upsets travel. So keep in mind the time taken due to fog distractions if you are taking the boat.

By Air you could reach Jessore and then take a car to Sundarbans.

The Boat could be a three level ship with bunk bedrooms in the first storey and also dining area and the kitchen. The second storey has sleeper bunks and the third level has the pilot cabin and the viewing deck.

Sundarbans in bangladesh

The main attraction in a Sundarban trip is tiger stalking. These are extremely difficult to spot and sometimes tourists get to see only footprints and claw marks. Tigers can smell us very easily so we have to be careful while stalking them and should be ready to fire.

Sundarban Mud

Sundarban is a region with a lot of clay and mud. The tiger habitat especially is a place which has at least two to six inch of mud. The hike with the fog makes the entire experience very thrilling and there are some great sights for a photography lover to capture.

Sundarbans lies partly in India and partly in Bangladesh. The Indian side apparently has more sights of tigers than the Bangladesh as the food situation here is comparatively better. While in the Bangladesh side, you would be provided guards along with to take care of your security.

It is necessary that you take a private guide along with you or you go in a group so that you can enjoy your trip more. You would certainly get to see vipers, wild boar, fish, and of course a tiger. The tigers are the main attraction to Sundarbans apart from the cool ambience and the unique terrain of this place. Spotted Deer, wild boar, Snakes, and the Alligator, are other wild animals found in Sundarbans.

Enjoy the service of the professional guides who take you around the Sundarban villages and who ensure that you would get to see the best sights of the rural life here. So you would get a chance to interact with the tribes who form a great populace here.

There are many tours which take you around the first generation aviation company services and give you the facility of enjoying the tourism facilities that they offer.

Sundarbans in this land of Bangladesh gives the greatest thrills of travels and has the most interesting features to see.

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