Lijiang Travel Guide and Tour Attractions

Posted in China | March 22, 2012

Located in the northwestern plateau in the region of Yunan, Lijiang is a lovely locale in this part of China providing ideal travel attractions. Lijiang meaning the Beautiful River gets its name from the way it is positioned and the way it has the River Jinsha flowing by it. With a population that is made up of the Lisu, Bai, Naxi, Pumi, Tibetan, Yi, Hui, Miao and Han and many other ethnic groups this is one land that gives a lot of travel sights.

Lijiang has two kinds of seasons one  wet and the other dry. The primitive religion here is the Dongba which is a common belief of the Naxi people.

This ancient land was built at the base of the Yulong Snow Mountain and was on a flatland. The name that was there earlier was dayan Zheng which meant the Town of the Big Ink Slab. The town had the best surrounding of trees covering the entire region and has the majestic mountains overlooking this lovely land of pleasurable tours. Spanning an area of 3.8 square kilometers this is located at a height of around 2,400 metres. Constructed during the time of the Song dynasty and the Yuan dynasty this has been a major political and cultural hub for this region. A very great trading centre this has been a business centre for the countries of China, Tibet and also India. Today the town is a Cultural and a historic heritage and has been a part of the World Heritage. The roads in this town came from the Sifang Street and formed a network which connected all corners of the city. There were small squares that were found scattered along the streets. Houses were built on the slopes of the mountains and the entire city depends on the water that comes here.

Lijiang has a culture that is an integral part of the culture of the Naxis and is thus a very ancient one. The Dongba religion mainly is made up of scriptures, music, paintings, dances, ritual implements and many religious services.

With a history that goes back to around 800 years, Lijiang is a hub of cultural activity and is a great travel destination to be in. The bridges and the waterways here are very popular and the entire destination seemingly comes alive with ideal tour pleasures. This town is a little different from other cities in China in terms of culture, architecture and also history.

The village of Baisha near Lijiang is very popular here for the Baisha Fresco and the handmade embroidery institute. The fresco was made sometime in the Ming dynasty some 600 years ago. The Naxi Hand Made embroidery institute is thus a major attraction here in the land of Lijian. There are many masters and teachers of Naxi embroidery and the students here are very friendly and nice and the entire grandeur of this beautiful land comes to the fore in travels to this place.

Then you have the Dabaoji Palace which is also very near the Baisha Naxi Institute and has been existing since the Tang dynasty lived here.

So people coming to LIjiang surely make it a point to visit the lovely locales here and enjoy the delights of seeing the hand made embroidery works so popular in this land of delights.

Reaching Lijiang is easy and it is accessed by rail, air or road. Lijiang Airport is very near the city and is connected to other cities. Then there are bus services which work from Kunmig City and also the Tiger Leaping gorge and the Dali city. Trains come from Kunming and reaching Lijiang is thus not a problem.

With all this ancientness and lovely travel pleasures, tours in this part of China surely are fulfilling and filled with a lot of pleasurable experiences. While in this intriguing land try to take back as many memories as you want to and get back with the best pleasures that one can get here.

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