Marina Bay Pleasures

Posted in Singapore | January 22, 2013

Marina Bay is a beautiful bay near the Central Area in the southern part of Singapore. Lying in the eastern part of the Downtown core, this is a beautiful travel destination in this part of the world and provides you with the best of opportunities to explore an option that is truly a fantastic way of enjoying travels here.

In fact, in the year 1970 there was a land reclamation here, which had the best of marina bay pleasures forming the beautiful Marina South Areas and Marina centre. Telok Ayer Basin was then removed from the map and the river’s mouth went into the bay instead of flowing directly into the sea. In the year 2008, marina Barrage was constructed into a new downtown, which then became a major attraction.

There have been many events that have occurred in the region of Marina bay and thus this is a place that is really enchanting and enthralling for all. The first Singapore Grand Prix was held here in the year 2008 on a street circuit, which crossed marina bay. This was also incidentally the first Formula 1 grand Prix that was held here in this beautiful marina bay. The Float at Marina Bay has had many events that have been the mainstay of tourist attraction here in this lovely land of Singapore .

The world’s largest floating stadium thus played host to the opening ceremony as wells as the closing ceremony of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games here in the year 2010.

Then there is the Common Services Tunnel, which is the most beautiful system, which has distributed many utility services to all the developments in the region of Marina bay. There is a network of tunnels that were built here and these have contributed to the installation of many basic services in this beautiful area.

The Marina barrage is a recently constructed barrage here, which got over in the year 2008. This has actually converted Kallang Basin and Marina Bay into a great freshwater reservoir with very limited access to the marine transportation so as to regulate the water quality. This new reservoir gives another source of drinking water for the entire city of Singapore and also gives a stable water level for the number of events and water activities here. The barrage also helps in preventing the flooding of the whole of Chinatown area.

Today Marina Bay has seven railway stations serving it. These are the City Hall, Marina bay, Raffles Place, downtown, Promenade, and Esplanade. By the year 2020, the entire land of Marina Bay would have a great transport network which would be the mainstay of all tours to this part of the world.

There is a wonderful pedestrian network here, which is inclusive of sidewalks, underground and covered walkways that ensure that the weather is protected always and there is a great connectivity in the entire place.

There are other places of interest like the gardens by the bay and the way the entire site is made up of the bay East Garden, the bay South Garden, the bay Central Garden across the mouth of the River Singapore. These three gardens are interconnected through a series of pedestrian bridges which form a greater loop along the entire waterfront and which are linked to the developments of surrounding regions, open public spaces and also important transport attractions and nodes. There are innumerable horticultural displays and beautiful floral artistry, which form the main attractions in the Gardens by the Bay. This provides another source of great recreation for the tourists and the Singaporeans alike.

Then you have the Marina Bay City Gallery, which is a lovely eco friendly building found by the side of the waterfront promenade, which lies along the Marina Boulevard. The gallery shows a huge scale model of the Marina bay, it also has the best of multimedia technology, and visitors go all the way around the model to feel and experience something that the new city is now coming up with.

Enjoy the sight of the Waterfront Promenade, which links the necklace of attractions at the marina centre. Also, you have the Bay front Area and the Collyer Quay, which provides for the best areas in this part of the world. Visitors love to take a stroll along the Mist Walk and also enjoy the dancing water jets and experience the best sights of panoramic views of the Bay from any point lying along the promenade.

The marina bay is a beautiful creation of this enchanting city of Singapore and provides the best of tour delights.

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