The Imperial city of Jodhpur

Posted in India | October 21, 2010

India in a nice concentrated dose is both intense and quite intoxicating.  You would probably be visiting a walled city. This is the place where you will find life and you could live it as though it has been about mansions, courtyards, lanes, markets that have been here since centuries and most of all a beautiful royal palace.

Jodhpur is beautiful walled city. This is a miracle that is located in . This is a country where [people live together in harmony and there are many conflicting faiths and the living conditions are great. How ever the city loves its peace and doesn’t resort to any violence as such. It is a lovely peace loving city with many fun things to do and lovely places to visit. All the walls of this city echoes with life and laughter. There is always some or the activity that happens here.  If you were to take a stroll around the sprawling bazaar right under the clock. You would most probably see a huge pile of clay pots that are used to mainly store water.  You might even come across a craftsman, with his vessel of hot coal making bangles and using his many tools that go back probably for five to ten generations.

You might find small girls carrying ice to their homes in pails. You may even see a deformed elephant man just striding along. He stands there looking to challenge anyone who could come here and stare. You may even see women who remove petals from roses and garlands. There is a man who sells antique locks as a business on the side; unbelievably he also has a huge set of dentures.

You will not really find anything close top pavements here. The shops and homes here have narrow alleyways.  In fact you can also see the many children flying kits on the top of the terraces of buildings and rooftops of tinier houses.

Just nearby, you would probably hear the Muslim call to prayer which is also called the Azan.

When you pass the old mansions, these have nice big entrances and huge gates that have carved balconies. These give you a glimpse of how the nobles here in Jodhpur used to live. At that time the place of residence was the Mehrangarh fort.  This is also home to some of the cities maharajas’ right from the ancient times. Well, fifteenth century to be precise. The fort is quite beautiful when you look at it with your naked eyes as well. Karan Castelino says that there is lots to see inside this place which includes huge palanquins and daggers that are studded with jewels.

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