Wildlife Delights at Koshi Tappu Reserve

Posted in Nepal | May 21, 2013

Koshi Tappu Wild Life Reserve is an excellent wildlife reserve in Nepal.  Spanning over the districts of Sunsari and Saptari this located in the eastern South direction of Nepal .  The reserve has been a wetland region since 1987  and is filled with patches of deciduous reserve and  scrubs . This is what makes Koshi Tappu Reserve a special destination for all wildlife enthusiasts. With around 438 species of birds recorded here, it is a delight to visit this natural heaven where you get to see some of the best varieties of birds here in this part of the world.

Whether it is herons, or ducks, ibis or the storks , egrets or any such birds, tours here are always filled with a special travel ecstasy. There are in fact birds, which come all the way from Siberia. Some other wild animals found here are the wild boar, the wild buffalo, blue bell, spotted deer and the jackal. The Gangetic Dolphin and the Gharial crocodile are also world famous here. This reserve is best visited in the months of October to April.

Enjoy the sights of the black necked stork, swamp francolin, the comb duck, the lesser adjutant, the cotton pigmy, the spot billed duck, the ruddy crake, the Baer’s pochards, the greater painted snipe and the pheasant tailed jacana.

There is a wildlife camp here, which is in fact the first of its kind established here in the lovely surroundings. It has been founded mainly for the bird lovers and wildlife oriented tourists. A complete haven it has the best of natural experiences and has around 12 deluxe safari tents with perfect facilities of a wonderful camp.

With morning walks in the jungles, and the river wetlands and lagoons providing amazing tour memories, wildlife rafting is also popular in the Koshi River thus making the visits to the Koshi Tappu Reserve immensely memorable.

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