Fascinating Nepal Tour Attractions

Posted in Nepal | February 21, 2013

Come to the beautiful continent of Asia and visit the fascinating locales in Nepal, which provide you with a memorable travel delight. Ensconced in a beautiful terrain with the best of surroundings Nepal is a heavenly tour locale and has the best of travel experiences.

There are many places to see in Nepal so let us see which the best ones are.

Tours to this beautiful region are incomplete without a visit to the capital city of Kathmandu. Earlier called Kantipur the Nepal kingdom welcomes with a natural ambience that is unbeatable. The temple of the living goddess is located here and it is interesting to see how she acknowledges her devotees from the balcony of her residence, Kathmandap. This is how Kathmandu got its name. It is said that this temple residence has been constructed out of the timber of a single tree. You have the durbar Square adjacent to it and this is a place, which has a row of temples to be visited. The Hanuman Dhoka Palace is situated here and this is very popular as a very ancient Nepal Palace.

Kathmandu thus provides you with an experience that is enriching and majestic.

Hanuman Dhoka Palace in Kathmandu Nepal

Then there is the world famous Pashupathinath temple here with the presiding deity as Lord Shiva. A very unique feature that an Indian temple is there in foreign land and is revered very much by the locals too. with the best of verdant background, this temple on the banks of the River Bagmati provides a lot of sacred delights to the tourists coming to this part of Asia. Constructed in pagoda style this has a gilded roof which is beautiful carved and which has the best architectural designs. Visitors are allowed to see the temple from the eastern bank of the River Bagmati. Entry to the temple is not allowed to all non Hindus. Pashupatinath is believed to be the centre of the yearly pilgrim tour, which is undertaken on the day of Shivratri falling in the months of February and March. There are cremation grounds behind the temples.

Visit the Dakshinkali, which actually means the kali of the south. The temple has Goddess kali as the presiding deity and is revered as the Hindu goddess of power. Kali is a goddess for whom animal sacrifices made. So you have ducks, chickens, and goats being sacrificed on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Located in a forested canyon the temple is around 19 km from Kathmandu.

Then of course, there is Boudnath, which is a stupa, located around 11 km from the middle part of Kathmandu, and is one of the biggest stupa in the entire world. it has four pair of eyes denoting the four cardinal directions and depicts human prosperity and righteousness. This is a Buddhist stupa that was constructed by King man Deva under the advice of Goddess Mani Jogini. With a base that is octagonal shaped, this has prayer wheels, which is respected by the devotees. The shrine has Buddhist priests and Lamas surrounding it.

Visit Swayambutnath, which is situated around three kilometres from Kathmandu and this Buddhist stupa, is again a very ancient stupa that is around 2000 years old. With the main structure made of solid bricks and earth this has a conical spire, that has a cap of gilt copper. It has the eyes of Lord Buddha pained on the base and the entire region has a collection of temples and stupas surrounding it. This is the best place from where you would get a panoramic view of the entire Kathmandu valley. Located on a small hillock the simple sights of being in this beautiful temple destination is something not to be missed.

Bhaktapur is another beautiful Nepalese city to be visited. Also called Bhadgaon this is a place where you get the best of medieval architecture and art. Situated around 14 km from Kathmandu this is a place that has been existing since the ninth century and has a shape like a conch shell. Around 4600ft above the sea level, Bhaktapur is a lovely place to visit in tours to Nepal.

You then have places like Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Patan, the Mahaboudha temple alongwith many other interesting places to visit in travels to Nepal. Nepal is also famous for the hand weaving of Tibetan carpets and is a place where you also get moulded metal statues. With such things to do and lot of shopping to enjoy, Nepal is a great place to visit in tours to Asia.

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