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  • Safari at the Singapore Zoo

    Posted in Singapore | December 6, 2013
    Tours to Singapore are incomplete without a visit to the Singapore Zoo. This is one of the main tourist attractions in this beautiful country providing the pleasures of a nocturnal park making tours here very interesting and exciting. Spanning over an area of 40 hectares, the simple delights of being in a fantastic surrounding of around 1,040 animals makes the tours very memorable. These animals represent around 120 species of such breed around the world out of which around 29% are threatened species. The Wildlife Reserves manages the zoo here, which has at least 1.1 million visitors every year. The Night safari at the Singapore Zoo thus is a major travel attraction. This night safari is replete with an open air zoo set in a tropical  [...]
  • Singapore Night Safari

    Posted in Singapore | December 5, 2013
    The night safari experiences are the best and is a nocturnal park and a major tour attraction spanning over an area of 40 hectares with the best rainforest experience. Get to see the Upper Seletar Reservoir and the Singapore Zoo here and experience the pleasures of being in a lovely land of beautiful experiences. The Singapore Night Safari has round 1040 animals, which represent around 120 species. Out of these around 29% are threatened species. It is the wildlife Reserves Singapore that manages the zoo and at least 1.1 million visitors came visiting here. The safari experience is a charming feeling and the nocturnal houses along with other experiences make tours here very enthralling. Enjoy the surrounding of a humid tropical forest which  [...]