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  • Fascinating Nepal Tour Attractions

    Posted in Nepal | February 21, 2013
    Come to the beautiful continent of Asia and visit the fascinating locales in Nepal, which provide you with a memorable travel delight. Ensconced in a beautiful terrain with the best of surroundings Nepal is a heavenly tour locale and has the best of travel experiences. There are many places to see in Nepal so let us see which the best ones are. Tours to this beautiful region are incomplete without a visit to the capital city of Kathmandu. Earlier called Kantipur the Nepal kingdom welcomes with a natural ambience that is unbeatable. The temple of the living goddess is located here and it is interesting to see how she acknowledges her devotees from the balcony of her residence, Kathmandap. This is how Kathmandu got its name. It is said that this  [...]
  • Hundred Islands National Park

    Posted in Philippines | February 14, 2013
    Philippines is a lovely place to visit in this part of Asia and it has its own legendary tales and legends to explore. Visit this part of the world and enjoy the sight of the hundred islands that is a place which is believed to be the place where noble soldiers fought for their country. There are many islands here and there are three of them that have been developed and also are very enjoyable from a tourist’s point of view. The Quezon Island, Children’s island are popular islands here. it is very easy to get around so just take a ride in the bust to Anda Alaminos and then take a ferry which will take you to the island. Children’s Island is named thus as they are the perfect ones for the youngsters. With shallow water surrounding  [...]
  • Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

    Posted in Philippines | February 7, 2013
    Visit the Puerto Princesa Subterranean river National Park is one of the most fascinating regions of in the World Heritage Sites in the Phillipines region. There is a lovely navigable underground river here, which runs for around 8.2 km and is said to be the longest in the world. The river is found under a lovely karst mountain with a beautiful limestone base. The mountain is called St. Paul and is named thus after one of the peaks that has a construction very similar to the dome of the St. Paul Cathedral in Italy. This is a green zone that is one of the main lands for conservation of biodiversity in Palawan. As tourists come here, they love to see the large monitor lizards and monkeys, which are all found at the entrance to the cave. This is  [...]