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  • Russian Travel Experiences

    Posted in Russia | January 31, 2013
    Come to the royal ambience and the grandeur of Russia a beautiful land filled with ideal tour delights. A land of in exquisite riches and unbelievable poverty Russia is a place hat has seen a lot of history happening. So get to see some of the luxurious constructions, the capped mountains, and the beautiful forests of the birch and fir trees. If you really want to do something different, then visit Russia and take back with a cherishable travel kitty. Enjoy the soft sands of the Prussian resort of Kranz and experience the pleasures of a great land. With the beautiful river Volga, gushing past can the tourist is sure to enjoy everything in a different manner totally. Russia is a land that is geographically and culturally different so the best  [...]
  • Marina Bay Pleasures

    Posted in Singapore | January 22, 2013
    Marina Bay is a beautiful bay near the Central Area in the southern part of Singapore. Lying in the eastern part of the Downtown core, this is a beautiful travel destination in this part of the world and provides you with the best of opportunities to explore an option that is truly a fantastic way of enjoying travels here. In fact, in the year 1970 there was a land reclamation here, which had the best of marina bay pleasures forming the beautiful Marina South Areas and Marina centre. Telok Ayer Basin was then removed from the map and the river’s mouth went into the bay instead of flowing directly into the sea. In the year 2008, marina Barrage was constructed into a new downtown, which then became a major attraction. There have been many  [...]
  • The Songnisan National Park

    Posted in South Korea | January 10, 2013
    Visit the lovely continent of Asia and enjoy tours to South Korea here. The land has its own culture, tradition, and scenic beauty. Visit the beautiful locales here and enjoy your tours to this part of the world in peaceful and serene surroundings. Come to South Korea, visit the Songnisan National park, and enjoy the lovely greenery here. With the entire region being surrounded by mountains, hiking is s popular activity here and the main reason people come here. The Songnisan National Park in central Korea is a lovely destination to visit and the most spectacular region in this part of the continent. With the Beopjusa temple, giving great sights with the huge gold Buddha statue this is certainly a destination meant to be explored. With the  [...]
  • Polonnaruwa Tour Attractions

    Posted in Sri Lanka | January 7, 2013
    Visit Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka and come back totally enchanted in tours to this part of the world. Come here and bask in the delights of a land that is one of the most ancient cities and has the best of ponds, temples, statues and castles. This is the second Sri Lankan capital and also the most developed after Anuradhapura during the time kings ruled here. Polonnaruwa was chosen over Anuradhapura due to the fact that the South Indian armies were always a threat to the country and Polonnaruwa was much easier to protect as it had some natural fortifications. Defence was the mainstay so there aren’t many shrines and temples here in Polonnaruwa. Yet the place is very interesting and enchanting and a tourist enjoys coming here . Gal Viharaya is  [...]