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  • Cambodian Travel Delights in Sihanoukville

    Posted in Cambodia | December 22, 2012
    Visit Sihanoukville which is an extremely beautiful locale in this part of the world in Cambodia and enjoy this fascinating zone of visual delights and beach pleasures. This peninsula with its sandy beaches has tiny islands bordering it all over. The youngest city in Cambodia, Sihanoukville town came to life in the year 1955 when a construction team came and discovered the area of Kompong Som. They started work here and thus took birth the first deep water port in Cambodia. This got over sometime in the year 1960 and the entire region began to be called Sihanoukville in memory of the King Sihanouk. Today the area is however still referred to as Kompong Som by the locals. Sihanoukville was kept away from public eye by the Khmer rouge but the  [...]
  • Religious Experiences at the Dakshineswar Temple

    Posted in India | December 20, 2012
    Dakshineshwar temple or Dakshineswar temple is a temple situated in the state of West Bengal near the city of Kolkata. It is located in a place called Dakshineshwar and is on the banks of the River Hooghly on the eastern side. The Goddess Kali is the presiding deity in the temple and the goddess here is called the Bhavatarini or the one liberates her devotees from the ocean of living. It was a philanthropist who got this temple constructed. This philanthropist Rani Rashmoni was a great devotee of Goddess kali and she got this temple constructed in the year 1855. The temple is popular for being connected to the great philosopher Ramakrishna who was a great mystic here in this part of the world in West Bengal sometime in the 19th century. The  [...]
  • Hierapolis and Pamukkale

    Posted in Turkey | December 6, 2012
    Visit Turkey and enjoy sights at the beautiful regions of Hierapolis and Pammukale. Come here and bask in the historical surroundings in this part of Turkey and find the pleasures of visiting these ancient cities here. Just around three hours from the Kusadasi Holiday resort, these cities have been given the UNESCO World Heritage Site Status and are a great sight for the tourists’ eyes. Meaning Sacred City, Hierapolis is a lovely landscaped region with the remains of a great historic past. The amphitheatre here and the Necropolis tombs are a perfect treat for a history lover. Then there are the remains of the Temple of Apollo or the Greek God of Sun. The area is also popular for the hot springs at Pammukale . these fascinating hot springs  [...]