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  • Exotic Hoi An

    Posted in Vietnam | November 29, 2012
    Visit Vietnam and you are sure to get entangled in a maze of joy, surprises and ecstasy. Such is the enigma of the place and such is the aura of this lovely region in this part of the world. AS you go along the cobbled streets here the place makes you feel as if you are walking down memory lane. The Old Town is majorly dominated by the tailor shops and some myriad of cafes. You can actually feel the historical touch to this place in the air. Hoi An was a major trading centre for the Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and the Indians. Today however Hoi An has a great tourist crowd that comes here mainly for the clothing that makes this region a special destination for many. Sometimes people just come to enjoy this UNESCO world Heritage site and experience  [...]
  • Natural wonders at Cappadocia

    Posted in Turkey | November 22, 2012
    Visit Turkey and enjoy the beautiful wonders that welcome you here in this beautiful region in this part of the world. The volcanic formations of rock at Cappadocia in Turkey are very popular amongst tourists here. Situated within the Goreme National Park, this is a very famous tourist hub and is around 4000 years old. People used to carve cave dwellings into various strange shapes of volcanic rock. These were deposited by volcanoes that existed then. Today what we see is a unique blend of tunnels and caves and a magnificent network of caves. Stretching over 11 floors these go to a depth of around 85 metres. The region of Cappadocia is a lovely and has the most fascinating formations of rock which can be seen in aerial rides too. it is said  [...]