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  • All about Travels to Esfahan

    Posted in Iran | September 26, 2012
    Visit the Florence of Orient Esfahan. This is half the world and all here are there to describe the sheer magnificence of this beautiful land. This is a glorious city which shines along the life giving river in the middle of Iran. When you step into Esfahan, it seems as if the entire city has been getting itself ready for a royal visit. It has great architecture, churches, fascinating mosques and graceful mansions alongwith palaces, gardens and majestic bridges. This is a city that has the best of humanity and the most of architecture. There is hardly a city here where you can find a road without a central pedestal of trees, flowers, fruits and fountains. At every corner you would find spectacular glories of the past. The Safayid dynasty used  [...]
  • Bokor national Park Tour Guide

    Posted in Cambodia | September 1, 2012
    Visit Cambodia the land of pleasurable trips and come back with a valuable travel kitty. Enjoy the beautiful regions here and bask in the pleasures of a great travel destination. Visit the Bokor National park here and experience the pleasures of a great wild life locale. Established in the 1920s by the French with a view to have a good hill stations,  Bokor has been abandoned once during the Khmer rouge era and the other time  during  the Second World War. It was recognized in the year 1993 as a national park and stretches over the provinces and regions of Cambodia and has been the haven for the tigers and elephants here. The whole of Bokor has witnessed a lot of battles between the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese. The buildings of the Catholic  [...]