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  • Wet Markets in Hong Kong

    Posted in Hong Kong | August 29, 2012
    Hong Kong is a land that is filled with unique travel attractions. The wet markets here are one such, must do in tours here. So come here and see these markets filled with the best sights of meat and fish. They are a great feature of Life in Hong Kong. Before the arrival of the British here in the 19th century, the markets took over the entire place and they were held once or twice a week in towns like Tai Po. After the colonization set in, the daily street markets grew more. Then these markets got built in the regions of Wanchai, Central and Sheung Wan. Today Hong Kong is a place that has a well stocked market selling everything from fish to dry fruits. Not all the markets are the same. Before you go understand the unit for measurement here  [...]
  • All about Xi’an Travels in China tours

    Posted in China | August 27, 2012
    China is a land filled with the best tour delights and travel attractions. Come here and feel the glory of royal touch. Xi’an attractions are the most famous here and are of an ancient nature. The Terracotta Army and the architecture of the ancient capital is something to be seen to believe. These date back to the Chinese Union in the year 221 BC and it was built by the Emperor Quin who actually had life size Terracotta Army designed to be with him in his afterlife. There is a beautiful ancientness about this place that is inclusive of the City Wall, Drum Tower, Bell Tower and also the Wild Goose Pagodas. With most of the natural sights here in Xi’an like the Huaquing Hot Springs and the Mount Hua giving perfect travel delights the  [...]
  • Royal Travels in Thimphu

    Posted in Bhutan | August 17, 2012
    Bhutan the journey beyond paradise and experience the pleasures of a more fascinating land. Come to Thimphu and bask in the glory of travel sights here. Visit this centre of religion and government and also the headquarters of commerce. Thimphu is an especially grounded city with the most unique mix of ancient culture and modern technology. Thimphu is a lively destination filled with the most fascinating sights and has one of the most extensive architectural styles and the most magnificent ambience. Visit the Memorial Chorten which was constructed sometime in the year 1974 and is a construction in memory of the third king of Bhutan His Late majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. He is revered as the Father of Modern Bhutan. Here the monument is  [...]
  • Darjeeling Tours and places to see

    Posted in India | August 17, 2012
    Visit Darjeeling the Queen of Hills in the lovely state of West Bengal in India. Come here and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings and the simplicity of the locals here. Entering this place is traveling back to the times of the British rule. It is literally a Victorian place with the entire town having the most fascinating oriental faces. With the brick chimneys sand the church spires dotting the skyline, Darjeeling is one place where the tourist would get what he asked for. While here visit the Dhoom Gompa which is around 8 kms from the city. There is a very fascinating statue of Maitrayiee Buddha which has been established here. The Monastery with its serene look and calm ambience provides the best in tours here. It has been  preserved  [...]
  • Rustic Pleasures in Kuakata Tours

    Posted in Bangladesh | August 1, 2012
    Located around 320 km from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, lies a lovely land filled with the pleasures of a beautiful locale and the sights of a lovely travel destination. Around 70 km from the district of Patuakhali this is a wide stretch of sandy beach area which has a length of around 30 km and a width of around 6 km. Kuakata comes from the word “Kua” which means well in Bengali. This was dug initially by the settlers in Rakhine when they were in search of water for drinking. These settlers were believed to have landed here sometime in the eighteenth century when they were thrown out of their land Myanmar. It was the Mughals who ousted them from their homeland. After the wells here were dug out, since then it has been a tradition  [...]