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  • Beautiful Travels in Kaptai

    Posted in Bangladesh | April 26, 2012
    Kaptai is a lovely destination to visit while you are in Bangladesh and gives you the most fascinating tour delights. Kaptai is situated about 64 km from Chittagong. With the best sights of a great lakeside area, this is a place that should not be given a miss and should always be considered very close to heart in Bangladesh tours. Fomerly a hunting reserve, this is one place that boasts of a great idyllic surrounding, so come here and enjoy the pleasures of a great paradise. Kaptai is very famous for the picturesque surroundings and is popular for the hydroelectricity plant and large dam that is the most popular attraction here. So come here to this flat town and see the beautiful sights of general stores, teahouses, and boarding houses. With  [...]