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  • Travel Tales- From Chittagong Tour Attractions

    Posted in Bangladesh | February 23, 2012
    Chittagong in Bangladesh, is a lovely travel destination and a great tourist hub in this part of the world. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of being in the best travel locale, and also experience the feeling of being surrounded by great travel delights. While here in Chittagong, you get to see the most fascinating regions. With the most beautiful hills surrounding the place, the Chittagong Lake is a region which sees many tourists visiting this part of the country. With the greenest surroundings, this lake was started in the year 1942 and was built by Mr. Foy who was a Bengal Railways Engineer. Around 8 km from Zero Point, this is a greatly beautiful place and ahs the best sunset scene in Bangladesh. Come to the War cemetery which is a place  [...]
  • Dhaka Places to visit and Travel Attractions

    Posted in Bangladesh | February 9, 2012
    Bangladesh is a land of travel delights and tourist pleasures. Dhaka in Bangladesh, renders the tourist completely weak with thrill and any one coming to this part of the world would go back with fun unlimited in their travel memories A greatly vibrant and active metropolis today, Dhaka is one of the most energetic places on Earth. with the streets filled with people, a colourful ambience and the highest number of rickshaws, this is a place worth visiting . How to Reach The nearest airport is the Hazrat Shajalal International Airport and the Saydabad bus station helps tourists to travel across the city. There are ferry services too when you  get down at Sadarghat. Dhaka looks a city of intrigue with its incessant cycle rickshaws that keep  [...]
  • Beautiful Bangladesh Travel Attractions

    Posted in Bangladesh | February 3, 2012
    Bangladesh, the land of beautiful scenes and the ultimate travel delight in this part of the world, comes with a package that is hard to resist. Situated in a very prime location, the country of Bangladesh has the best collection of scenic sights and travel experiences. While here in this lovely surroundings , come to the beautiful delta swamp region of this part of Bangladesh and see how this lovely land of around 6000 sq kilometers spreads and crisscrosses beautifully amidst the lovely surroundings of the creeks and the rivers. This is the land of Bangladesh and the land of the Royal Bengal tiger. With the dense growth of mangroves and the lovely tides flowing in different directions, in the creeks, this is the place where the tigers are found  [...]