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  • Buzkashi Afghanistan Game

    Posted in Afghanistan | December 29, 2011
    While you are in Afghanistan, sports and adventure become a part of your travel. The Buzkashi game is a very popular game in Afghanistan and literally means “goat grabbing’. It is an exciting game that is in fact the pride of all Afghans. In Afghanistan, if a game of Buzkashi is on, then time stands still and everyone around gathers to watch the game. It is also the national sport of Afghanistan. The game involves keeping a headless body of a goat or a calf in the middle of the field. There are two opposing teams. The idea is to take the carcass and carry it to the goal region. This is not as simple as it sounds and is played with a lot of skill. If it is a novice player, he wouldn’t be even as much be able to come close to the carcass.  [...]
  • Best Places to see in Kandahar, Afghanistan

    Posted in Afghanistan | December 22, 2011
    Lying in the southern part of Afghanistan, and bordering Pakistan, Kandahar today is a world famous spot  due to the regime of Taliban that originated here. It is the second largest Afghanistan city and has a history which speaks volumes about the past events here and tells stories about its destruction. There are many buildings in Kandahar which have been a mute testimony to the incidents that have rocked the history of Afghanistan. It is the capital of Kandahar province and is a great market for food grains, wool, sheep, cotton, tobacco, fresh and dried fruit. The city is shaped like a square and has a gate on all sides with the market at the centre. History has it that it was Alexander the great who founded Kandahar. Existing since 330  [...]
  • Places to see in Kabul

    Posted in Afghanistan | December 15, 2011
    Afghanistan the land of trade and culture is a place which has been war torn for many years. Kabul, its capital is also a similar witness to such conditions. Yet the land in itself is a beauty and the place is filled with excitement and interesting experiences. Located on the banks of the river Kabul, the city was a great tourist attraction. Today it has lost all that beauty because of the war torn stories here. Roads, telephonic communication, traffic system, renovation of buildings and water sanitation are all in doldrums due to the political conditions. Yet if you happen to be here, you still can try to visit the place and experience the rich history of this beautiful region in world history. Go to the Kabul Museum and see the finest items  [...]
  • Ghazni travel guide and places to see

    Posted in Afghanistan | December 8, 2011
    While in Afghanistan, Ghazni is surely a place to visit. This is a town situated very near Kabul. It was a great military and economic hub in Afghanistan and was earlier the capital of Mahmud of Ghazni. Ghazni is a place that has had many poets, artists, scientists and musicians. This cultural and historical centre of Afghanistan exudes the tremendous glory of the past. Ghazni, situated on the route to Kandahar and Kabul is a great trade hub for camel hair cloth, wool, sheep, fruits and corn and the world famous Afghan sheepskin coats. In the 7th century Ghazni was a major place of activity. It was here that the Arabs arrived and introduced the Islam religion. Then the saffarids totally ruined the city. In fact, Ghazni was the capital of the  [...]
  • Into these lands when the traveller Stept – Bamiyan

    Posted in Afghanistan | December 1, 2011
    Visit Afghanistan and go to Bamiyan, the main town in the province of Bamiyan. This lovely city with a huge ruin of Budha’s is a great tourist spot in Afghanistan. The place is filled with a natural beauty that is enviable and the surroundings entice the tourist to go round the place with a lot of interest. This quite, calm city is situated around 240 km to the west of the city of Kabul. This tranquil zone in Afghanistan is the place where you can find Mother Nature in full bloom and the whole area seemingly coming alive with the cultural diversity that is found here. Bamiyan is a place that has the best kind of ruins of the ancient past and the most interesting sculptures. The Kushan dynasty used to rule here and the caves of this period  [...]