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  • Yangshuo, China – Sights

    Posted in China | July 28, 2011
    Yangshuo is a county located in the Guanxi Province in China. It is perhaps one of China’s most beautiful locations. The landscapes here are dramatically stunning with over twenty thousand limestone peaks and acres of lush rice paddies. Well, you can not say you have seen China if you have not been to Yangshuo. The natural beauty of the country can be best experienced in the stunningly beautiful region. Yangshuo can be accessed from the city of Guilin from where you can travel to Yangshuo by bus, taxi or ferry. The ferry ride is a fun way to travel, and takes about four hours. It offers some great views of the river and the limestone. However, there are times when the river gets filled with boats and ferries, which is not that much fun. Also,  [...]
  • Lena River

    Posted in Russia | July 23, 2011
    Lena River is the easternmost of the three great Siberian Rivers, which flows in the Arctic Ocean. It is the eleventh longest river in the world and ninth largest watershed and one of the greatest Russian rivers with its watershed entirely within its ranges. The Lena flows northeast being joined by Olyokma River, Kirenga River and Vitim River, rising at a height of around 1640 metres at its source Baikal Mountains south of Central Siberian Plateau, seven kilometers west of Lake Baikal. From Yatutsk, it flows to the north and enters the lowlands, till it is joined by the right hand prosperous the Aldan River. The Verkhoyansk Range goes to the northwest after getting its most significant Vilyuy River, left hand tributary. The maximum length of  [...]
  • Mt Napulak – Unique Beauty

    Posted in Philippines | July 14, 2011
    Mt Napulak is one of Philippines’s most beautiful natural wonders. The mountain is named after its shape, which is basically like the breast of a woman, along with a huge rock resting at the peak. The mountain is shaped in such a beguiling manner. The name Napulak means “the nipple top”. The attraction is well visited by nature enthusiasts, not least for its shape, to be honest. Mt Napulak offers an excellent challenge to both environmental enthusiasts as well as mountain climbers. The mountain is among the tallest summits in the Igbaras, Ilolio, and stands at a towering height of 3, 936 ft in elevation A S L. The peak of the mountain has on offer a breathtakingly beautiful view of Philippines, right from the towns close by in the province  [...]
  • Universal Studios, Singapore – Sights and Attractions

    Posted in Singapore | July 7, 2011
    Universal Studios in Singapore offers an experience just as rewarding as the United States version. The world famous studio is situated in Sentosa Island in Singapore. It offers excellent shopping and entertainment options. If you are a movie buff, there is no better place. Even if you are not, it is impossible to get bored here. You literally feel as if you have stepped directly into the magical worlds shown in the movies. The park is home to numerous attractions that are themed on famous movies. Far Far Away Land is among the most visited sections of the park. You will see the fairy tales come true here. There are tall stone walls in the section that surrounds the courtyard and pavilion. There are rides and shows such as the Magic Potion Spin,  [...]