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  • Tham Kong Lo Cave

    Posted in Laos | June 30, 2011
    Tham Kong Lo Cave, as far as natural wonders go, is a simply spectacular location that is popular with discerning travelers in Laos. The experience of getting to the cave by a tiny skiff that seems precariously balanced and paddled by a local guide that can speak English only in bits and finally coming across the sinister cave opening that greedily intakes you into the darkness can be eerie, but in a good way of course. The caves are filled with intrigue and mystique. Tham Kong Lo Cave is located deeply concealed in the thick wilderness that is the Phu Hin Bun region of Central Laos. The caves have a huge number of elements that make for a unique experience, the three hundred feet tall ceilings, eerie limestone formations, stalactites and more.  [...]
  • Sukhothai – The Ancient Thai Capital

    Posted in Thailand | June 23, 2011
    Sukhothai was the capital of the first sovereign state of Thailand. This was in the 13th century AD. Sukhothai is located in the North of Thailand. The city of Sukhothai is home to a huge number of ruins that are extremely well preserved, and bear testimony to the might and power, as well as the historical significance of the city. Later, power shifted to Aytthaya city, but Sukhothai is deeply regarded as a significant location because of its illustrious history. Sukhothai is a World Heritage Site, as declared by the UNESCO. Overview  . . . Sukhothai is home to a peaceful park that features a number of sights related to history. The entire town is tranquility itself. The park is a great place to explore. Sukhothai is worth a quiet couple of  [...]
  • Phnom Kulen, Cambodia

    Posted in Cambodia | June 16, 2011
    Phnom Kulen is one of Cambodia’s most rewarding adventure destinations. In fact, it is one of Asia’s most beautiful spots.  It is a bit lesser known as it is located in Cambodia, but discerning travelers all over the world are aware of the beauty of the region. If you are fond of adventure, there is no better location to head to. Accessing the Phnom Kulen is an adventurous experience in itself. The city is best accessed from Siem Reap City. The way to the region is not wholly off road, but a fair bit is, close to ten miles. The rainy season is when the going gets next to impossible. A good portion of the road has been recently grated. High axle vehicles or four wheel drives are essential if you want to reach here safely. Siem Reap is about  [...]
  • The Sherwood Taipei

    Posted in Taiwan | June 9, 2011
    The Sherwood Taipei is situated right at the heart of the commercial and financial hub of the Taipei Metropolis. Due to its centralized position, it is within easy access to most of Taipei’s business centers, convention venues and others. It is also close by to many of the major attractions in Taipei. The hotel is thus an excellent option to stay in, whether you are a business traveler or a leisure tourist. It is geographically at an advantage, wherever you wish to go to Taipei. The Sherwood Taipei has three hundred and fifty rooms and forty six suites. All of these are top notch accommodation options, and provide the best in terms of quality. The décor is understated and elegant. The guest rooms have a great number of facilities and amenities  [...]
  • Coringa Sanctuary, India

    Posted in India | June 2, 2011
    Coringa Sanctuary is located not far from the Kakinada Port along the Bay of Bengal in the east Godavari. It is in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is situated at a distance of about seventy kilo meters from Rajahmundry and twenty kilo meters from Kakinada. The sanctuary is known for its reptiles, especially the saltwater crocodiles here. The whole of the sanctuary area encompasses the Godavari River delta. Coringa Sanctuary has more than two hundred and thirty five sq kilo meters of area and is situated in the Mangrove forests part of the delta region. The region was recognized as a sanctuary in July 1978 so that the mangrove forests here can be preserved. The sanctuary is one of the most famous destinations in Andhra Pradesh. It is visited  [...]