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  • The serene Mountain resort in Philippines called Baguio city

    Posted in Philippines | October 28, 2010
    The city here is a quiet mountain resort that is located to the north of the Philippines region. This place is actually located at a height of about one thousand five hundred meters above sea level. This is a nice small town which is quite and it has a pleasant demeanor to it. The weather is quite good all through the year. In fact this place is also known as the summer capital of the entire Philippines. If it is your idea to spend a nice quiet vacation at a mountain resort and you are expecting serenity and peace then you should definitely check out the beautiful city of Baguio. When you actually do reach Baguio. You will find that there are plenty of things that you would do here.  In fact there are two parks that are quite famous. The Wright  [...]
  • The magical city of Jodhpur and its Exquisite Raas

    Posted in India | October 25, 2010
    When you actually stand on the many ramparts, you will see the many brahminian houses which are blue in color. These somehow are dotted all over the city.  And this is one of the reasons why Jodhpur is also called the blue city.  There is a theory that suggests that the houses were painted these colors to show the bright caste Brahmins and to segregate and distinguish it from the rest of the city.   There is another concept that suggests that this the blue color shoos away the mosquitoes. No matter what the reason maybe, the houses softly shimmer under the sunlight and the monsoon rains in their soft blue color. There is a pace that shows off the sunshine and red sandstone and is also an art decoration palace.  These are made in such as  [...]
  • The Imperial city of Jodhpur

    Posted in India | October 21, 2010
    India in a nice concentrated dose is both intense and quite intoxicating.  You would probably be visiting a walled city. This is the place where you will find life and you could live it as though it has been about mansions, courtyards, lanes, markets that have been here since centuries and most of all a beautiful royal palace. Jodhpur is beautiful walled city. This is a miracle that is located in India. This is a country where [people live together in harmony and there are many conflicting faiths and the living conditions are great. How ever the city loves its peace and doesn’t resort to any violence as such. It is a lovely peace loving city with many fun things to do and lovely places to visit. All the walls of this city echoes with life  [...]
  • Khun Sa and the famous golden triangle in Thailand

    Posted in Thailand | October 18, 2010
    A large camp was established. And this had a little more than a ramshackle of what looked like a collection of buildings that once housed the most famous opium gardens in the world. The old Shan woman was quite elegant.  You could come scuttling here and then bother to unlock the doors as you would eventually find the doors unlocked. When you actually do come face to face with what looks like the statue form of Khun SA, it is pretty much a life size mannequin of the wily old fox. This has one of the rooms that have been converted into something like a small museum. This is why the museum has regarded Khun SA to be something like a freedom fighter more than a warlord who dealt with opium.  There is a dimly lit room which has hung copies of  [...]
  • The Charm and Hysteria at the infamous Golden Triangle

    Posted in Thailand | October 14, 2010
    When you leave Sop Ruak, you might most probably be following in the footsteps of Khun SA.  Later you would be headed in to once unsettled village of Mae Salon. This village is now called Santikhiri.  This place if looked at and observed, has an oriental feel to it. This happened to be the first inhabited by the members of the chiang nationalist army. This army, back then was fleeing from the communist part of chine in the year nineteen hundred and forty nine. There are lots of poppy fields here that had once covered a large fertile mountainside. This place is now replaced by large terraced tea plantations.  These cascade quite beautifully down the slopes right into the valley below.  In fact Santikhiri has a lot of charm that is inspired  [...]
  • The Red Herring courtyard hotel in Beijing

    Posted in China | October 11, 2010
    When you are in Huong, there is a huge maze like alleyways which belongs to old Beijing. The Cote Cour is quite similar to this traditional courtyard and the wide layout.  This place has an imperial shade of red and large black lacquer which gives an awesome contrast as against the usual carved door and pots made with porcelain which is all made with pavilion architecture. There are about ten rooms and suites and all of these follow a different theme.  This place is from a huge pink palette of the entire Kingdom of Tibet. The hues of which are quite subtle when you actually run the whole thing by, let us say the Bamboo or the white house. The hotel is not just any other general hotel. In fact when you wake up you would be sure to know exactly  [...]
  • Lose yourself in the famous Golden Triangle in Thailand

    Posted in Thailand | October 7, 2010
    You would have to travel quite a long way before you reach the famous opium museums.  And when you actually do come here, there is one and then one more just one after the other.  This just happens to be a very famous idiosyncratic tourist attraction. In fact it is the lone opium museum in the world. These are found in the Thai town of Sop Ruak.  This has its meeting point at the Nam Ruak and Mekong rivers.  This is the place where Laos, Thailand and Burma collide. In fact, there used to be a time when Sop Ruak was a big player in the Opium trade, which gave this place its infamous name of ‘the golden triangle’. If you come here now, there are lots of tourists and backpackers which have coach loads of what the Asian visitors have been  [...]
  • A world of difference at Phnom Penh

    Posted in Cambodia | October 4, 2010
    Alexis De Suremain, who is a famous hotelier and proprietor of the Pavilion hotel, lives right down the street from the royal palace. This place is quite comfortable and chic as well. Just like it is quite tasteful but not that trendy. This place is quite popular among the growing population of the two million visitors who come here from Cambodia.  There is also one unthinkable stop which is at Phnom Penh at the Angkor Wat itinerary. Many people who have come to Cambodia earlier have hated it. In fact you could fid the Khmer population quite easy going and painfully shy at the same time. This place is quite uneducated.  In fact there is no place where you could attempt to counter revolutionary influences. The government policy was to kill  [...]
  • A Total Buddhist Experience

    Posted in China , India , Japan , Nepal , Thailand | October 1, 2010
    Asia was the birthplace of Buddhism, and the c0ntinent has numerous places that are significant from the point of view of association with origination, expansion, spiritual leaders and places of worship. The countries of India, Nepal, China, Japan, Thailand and several others have a veritable wealth in the way of places with Buddhist significance. The sheer number and variety of temples, pagodas, monasteries, retreats which stand out on many points including the distinguishing style of architecture, ornate statues and delightful gardens. The precepts that make up Buddhism as a religion comprises of a variety of customs, traditions, rituals, practices and beliefs, and Lord Buddha ( the awakened one ) was responsible for codifying most of these. Even  [...]