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  • High Meditation on High altitudes

    Posted in Nepal | September 27, 2010
    When you breathe, it clearly lifts the mind and spirit.  This is said by Amar Puri; who is a wiry man, wearing a sweat stained t-shirt. Over here he crouched as a patch on a lawn and then poured salt water in one nostril from a neti pot.  He then snorts out and sneezes.  All this happens as the morning mist just hovers above the gray surface of the Phewa Lake. This is what the Himalayas reflect. There are twelve students in this class of Sadhana yoga.  This is a very humble retreat that is perched in a hillside.  These twelve students pick up their neti pots and look at each other n start giggling.  In a few moments, they all seem to realize how far they were from their house, and were practicing yoga in the shadow of one of the highest  [...]
  • Adventure in the Caves used during the ‘Secret war’, in Laos

    Posted in Laos | September 23, 2010
    Laos is a landlocked country in the south east region of Asia. Laos is bordered by Burma and the people’s republic of china which lies to the northwest. Vietnams lies to the east. Cambodia lies to the south and Thailand is to the West. Lab Xang is the kingdom from where you could trace back the history of Laos. If you know about a network o caves then you know that brings to light an idea of a secret war which the United States waged against Laos in northern Vietnam. Although, these caves also help in opening a region which is in need of tourism revenue. There are five caves in the Viengxay district which is part of the houaphanh province, this happens to be one of the poorest sections of the entire country. There are about four hundred and  [...]
  • Historical infusion in Nara, Japan

    Posted in Japan | September 20, 2010
    The ancient city of Nara is been living under a shadow. Mostly of the famous country of Kyoto for many centuries. Nara now marks the thirteen hundredth anniversary of its ascension as the capital of the imperial city of Japan. Nara used to be quite splendourful during its time. There were many Chinese and Buddhist scripts infused with the tradition of silk was all a robust delicacy of what this regions was just about. The emperor Shomu even converted himself to Buddhism.  Later, the city of Nara turned out to play an important role in the spreading of the Buddhist religion in Japan.  This city now celebrates its history in complete style. This after all has turned into an investment which costed about one hundred million dollars.  There  [...]
  • Hotel de la Paix Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Posted in Cambodia | September 16, 2010
    The increasingly popular place for the many tourists to visit is Siem Reap.  This place is almost like the Las Vegas of Cambodia, the place has a lovely hotel which is built just along the highway right into town.  In fact this is all just a matter of time before buildings in the likes of the famous construction Mogul, Steve Wynn, are built here. The hotel De La Paix is an elegant and well made oasis like venue that is built in the middle of this uncanny town. The chaos is sealed completely out the walls of this hotel. The hotel is designed in a way that you would be quite tempted to not even leave the premises. You could always opt to go on an excursion to Angkor Watt.  There are lighter excursions to other temples as well, although it  [...]
  • Get busy in Siem Reap, Cambodia – Part 2

    Posted in Cambodia | September 13, 2010
    You should definitely try the post dinner buzz at the pre slumber rubdown at the famous Frangipani spa which is located ay the Hup Guan Street. You could reach them at 8551 2982062. This place has art hanging on its walls and orchids in its vases. The spas here   have a very fashionable feel to it. In fact it almost feels like you are in the house of someone you actually do know! The sofas here are such that you can just sink into. Sip on some tamarind juice and dip you feet in a tub that is filled with frangipani. After this you are pretty sure to get a good sixty minute massage. Get yourself up a little early in the morning and get ready to experience the famous Buddhist temple of Angkor Wat. At the archeological Park, the admission for  [...]
  • Get busy In Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Posted in Cambodia | September 9, 2010
    The temples that are located at Angkor are probably quite captivating. Although  if you do end up going to visit the many temple s, the sunlight is too bright and scorching , the air is gritty and the road is  filled with pot holes. It is probably because of this reason that a lot of the visitors who come to Cambodia, direct themselves to Siem Reap. Over here, the town has built itself to accommodate and handle the entire tourist population of Siem reap. This place has now turned into a well defined haven; hang out for the many tourists here. There is a group of international chefs over here that make some of the most delectable food in the whole country. The bars here are just amazing and the night life is off the hook.  Art has found a  [...]
  • Paradise in Goa

    Posted in India | September 6, 2010
    Goa is apparently synonymous with hippies, hedonism and parties that take you all thaw way till morning. Although the popular sea side destination in India offers more than just clichés and urban myths.  First of all, Goa doesn’t just have one beach; the entire state here is quite rich and varied.  This place offers about sixty three miles of plain coastline which goes around the Arabian Sea.  After you cross these beaches, farther out away from the coast, comes the Arabian Sea. The beaches that lie beyond this are a land space which is lush and rich in culture and amours Indian temples. The eco system here is known to be quite rich and the farmlands which are here were just something the Europeans could not avoid getting their hands on.   [...]
  • Warm up to the magical Taiwanese springs

    Posted in Taiwan | September 2, 2010
    If you get the smell of rotten eggs in the morning, it just means that you are close to the hotels on Taiwan’s northern end. This is the indication that the mountain region is responsible for the volcanic belly of the island. When the Japanese soldiers got wounded in the Japanese war of nineteen hundred and four, they took refuge in the sulfur springs.There is a tectonic collision of the Philippine Sea plates along with the Eurasian tectonic plates. The refuges from Taipei which is the islands capital came here to get rid of their ailments. The Taiwanese people are very into its healing powers.They have believed in this fro many centuries now. Apparently according to them, if you have a condition like ‘the athletes foot’ then this condition  [...]