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  • The Garden of Eden In Sri Lanka

    Posted in Sri Lanka | August 30, 2010
    The extensive boutique hotel called Talalla Retreat center has an elite yoga center as well. This is located near a beautiful while stretch of beach. The hotel here is usually filled with an international crowd of guests who spend their time sipping red wide and snacking on canapés.  As the evening twilight dies out and the night goes by, the conversations go from restaurants turning into mutual friendships; and sometimes you may even meet some of the high end yoga trainers who charge about six hundred dollars for a lesson. Just a couple of years ago, there was civil unrest and then the unfortunate Tsunami. However, this has not diminished the tourism industry here in Sri Lanka; in fact the Sri Lankan’s compare their country to the  [...]
  • The imperious beauty of Halong Bay

    Posted in Vietnam | August 26, 2010
    Superlatives begin to fail me as I describe this place. Mysterious, awe-inspiring and regal are three words that come to mind and they don’t even scrape the tip of the iceberg. Halong Bay is a necklace of 3000 islands (maybe more) draped around the nape of the Gulf of Tonkin and either at sea levels or from the air, it represents a resplendent site sown by the hands of nature. It is art in natural form, a wonder unsung and pristine. Few known that it is a deemed world heritage site and the comparison to Krabi in Thailand is instantaneous but while the two are a world removed from the madness of society, Halong Bay is really in a class of its own when it comes to totting up points for being solely spectacular. The beaches and inlets, all carved  [...]
  • The Kumbh Mela – A Massive Act of Faith

    Posted in India | August 23, 2010
    The Chinese traveler Huan Tsang, 602-664 A.D., had visited India during the reign of King Harshavardhan. He found out from the history of India’s ancient period of Vedas, about the commencement of organization of the first river festivals. The Hindu mythology describes about the origin of this by correlating it to the popular creation myth in the Hindu theory of evolution – the Samudra Manthan (churning of the sacred liquid of the ocean). The legends say that to regain their lost strengths, Gods thought of churning the Ksheera Sagara (ocean of milk) and obtain Amritha (the nectar of immortality) to drink it and achieve their powers back. But the demons or Asuras were against it and wanted an equal share of the nectar. The Gods had to temporarily  [...]
  • Komodo Dragons – The uncrowned rulers of Komodo

    Posted in Indonesia | August 19, 2010
    When we talk of Asia, two places strike our mind faster than anything else – Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s a cool fact that the wild life of both there places is rich, various and exotic. The black and yellow striped tigers, though diminishing, are a huge contribution to the beauty and content of the Asian wildlife. But, we are here to explore some more of the wild life of Indonesia -the Komodo Island and its dragons. The komodo dragons are, without question, the world’s largest lizards. They survive on the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca and areas surrounding them, and in the west most parts of Flores. Komodo lies to the east to Sumbawa, west of Flores and north of Sumba. An ordinary person can get to Komodo only by boat. But rich  [...]
  • Thailand like you’ve never seen it

    Posted in Thailand | August 17, 2010
    Thailand is long renowned for being a land of wild exotica and treasures, but as such it is a tourist hub and very densely populated. In a land as popular on the tourist map but it does hold its own undiscovered treasures that would light up any itinerary. Those that believe in the offbeat head for Chiang Mai followed up by a trek in Chiang Rai or any other permutation of their choice. But how about something truly unique, something you might not find on any other tour guide’s to-do lists? This little compendium of ours is the truly offbeat track of Thailand, oasis’ of solace in a desert of chaos. Phayao Phayao is so unique as to be lesser known about even within the ranks of the Thai themselves. That makes it the perfect getaway, an exotic  [...]
  • Indescribable Beauty of Israel

    Posted in Israel | August 16, 2010
    The sacrosanct land of Israel at the very first mention infuses a million connotations to different people. For the ones driven by the reverence of three grand religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, the holy lands are worshipped by countless devotees hitting the sacred heart of Israel. While, those evoked by ethereal architectures would be awe-inspired by the grandiose of old town settlements, magnificent temples, while as for the tourist with no other agenda but pure hedonism towards great sights and beaches, would also have their quotients met up high. Though, undeniably for some, Israel also has a mention amidst grey scars of terrorism and bombing. But the lush wilderness of Israel amidst amazing aridness and spectacular seas is enough  [...]
  • River rafting in Nepal

    Posted in Nepal | August 12, 2010
    Nepal is the ultimate destination the whole world hen it comes to kayaking and white water rafting. The monsoon is the best time for thrill seekers to ride the adrenaline filled waters of the rivers in Nepal. White water Rafting: Nepal has many rivers which range in every level of white water rafting. The adventure enthusiasts are spoiled for choice when it comes to rafting in this mountainous terrain. White water rafting is a great way to discover the beauty of Nepal and is also a good adventure holiday. These rivers of Nepal provide some of the world’s stunning sceneries as they make their down from the Himalayas. You can experience the natural wonders of Nepal first hand. The remote rural villages and farm lands tucked away in the terrain  [...]
  • Avid Music Lovers Lounge in Thailand

    Posted in Thailand | August 10, 2010
    Heaven beach is a club located in Chiang Mai in Thailand. This place has cinder block walls and warning signs on the mezzanine floor. The warning is to prohibit people from dancing anywhere outside that is not the club. This place attracts a lot of locals as well as tourists.  The music here is very energetic; metal grunge and rap music is what the crowd here grooves to. The in house band ‘Nyok’, have made their presence felt and have large fan followings. The club actually ahs no door once you enter into the vicinity. This place was originally a barn. If you are just passing by, you might not even know that this is a place that brings out smashing guitar solos and hip shaking music performed by Lek Surindon. This just happens to be the  [...]
  • The amazing Klapsons Hotel in Singapore

    Posted in Singapore | August 9, 2010
    Singapore is known for its well established hotels and business traveler. This place has many unique boutique hotels. These places have come up increasingly over the past few years. This place is one of the best options compared to its many counterparts. This place is designed by William Sawaya. Sawaya is a well known Italian architectural designer. He came from the firm, Sawaya and Moroni. . The Klapsons hotel opened in two thousand and nine. It started out with about seventeen rooms which was part of an annex o the main office building. This was part of the Jit Sun investments. The owners of this firm were the ones who created the hotel. The design of the hotel was quite modern and futuristic. In fact it was quite eclectic. The building has  [...]
  • Tasty seafood and European culture in the orient, Hanoi, vietnam

    Posted in Vietnam | August 5, 2010
    Cha ca, seems like something you would want to move too, however this happens to be one of the most famous dishes in this region. In fact; a lot of its tourists actually come here because of this very reason. This amazing tasting fired fish is a Doan family secret. The recipe has been in the family for decades now and the name cha ca literally means curried red river fish. This place has been an integral part of Hanoi mythology. This is why the city then renamed the lane in the honor of the Cha ca. The whole experience of having this fried fish is quite unique. This place has many wooden stairs that lead all the way to the second floor restaurant, the chairs are made out of wood too and it gives you that old rickety feel.  Here the people  [...]