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  • Ski fun in Hokkaido, Japan

    Posted in Japan | July 27, 2010
    Looking for an adventure in the east, when its winter and your are looking for some sport (and maybe a little good treatment while you are out enjoying yourself); Head out to Hokkaido Japan and get involved with the most fun in the snow region in Japan. Located in kutchan in the abuta district in Hokkaido, Japan, the niseko mountain resort grand hirafu, is the most famous resorts in this region. This huge snow resort that stretches from the annupuris summit to its base.  Resourcefully it is quite famous for its powder snow which is of very fine quality for snow activities and sports.  Because of this, a lot of tourists and non Japanese skiers and snowboarders come to this region. The resort used to be owned by two Japanese companies. However  [...]
  • Lhasa, Tibet, china

    Posted in China | July 26, 2010
    Lhasa is the administrative capital in the autonomous Tibet in the people’s republic of china. Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world and it is literally the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism. This place is famous for its ancient palaces of the norbulinka, jokhan and potala. In the seventh century when songstan gampo became the leader of the Tibetan empire, he became the main power in the region of the Brahmaputra river valley.  He later went on to conquer the kingdom of zahn zhung which lies to the west.  Lhasa soon became a religious as well as a political state.  And it also remained as the capital of the entire Tibetan empire. When langdrama conquered this place in the ninth century, all the sacred sites were conquered and desecrated. When  [...]
  • Have some tea at the Hong Kong peninsula

    Posted in Hong Kong | July 22, 2010
    Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of the people’s republic of china. This place is located on the south coat of china and is encapsulated by the Pearl River delta and the South China Sea. Hong Kong is known for its amazing skyline and natural harbors witch run deep. All this contributing to making it a trade capital which competes on an international level. Hon Kong has a land mass of about one thousand one hundred square kilometers and a population of roughly about seven million people. Under the principle of one country with two systems, Hong Kong is one of the world leading financial centers. It has a very stringent capitalist service economy and has very low taxation. Electronic s and such are quite cheap here  [...]
  • The Li River, Guilin, Guangxi china

    Posted in China | July 20, 2010
    Guilin is a city in the Guanxi region in china. This place is best known for its famous tourist’s destinations. Guildin has many travel destinations either in or in proximity to it. Longsheng has beautiful rice terraces that are famous throughout the country. The Li Jiang River is so famous that the country had a scene of it printed on the back of its twenty yen notes. The city center of the beautiful city of Guillin has two rivers, the Karst Mountains and four lakes surrounding it. Since the main industry of Guilin is tourism, this Chinese city is comparatively cleaner than most other cities in the region. The air here is almost pollution free and the city is facilitated with many luxury and budget hotels. The Limestone Mountains and other  [...]
  • Nagasaki bomb museum

    Posted in Japan | July 19, 2010
    During the last stage of the second world war , the united states of America , launches two nuclear bombs against Hiroshima and Nagasaki of japan. After continuous bombing for about six months , the Japanese government came to a point where it decided to break certain promises. It therefore ignored the Potsdam declaration. President Truman ordered that two nuclear bombs be dropped on Japanese soil. Little boy was the code name of the bomb that was doped on Hiroshima and fat man was the code name of the bomb to be dropped on Nagasaki. The two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were selected mostly because of their strategic position and then being military and commercial capitals. These two bomb droppings were the only times a nuclear weapon has  [...]
  • Spiritual and natural wonders of Jeju Do

    Posted in South Korea | July 15, 2010
    Jeju do is a short form for Jeju special autonomous province.  This is the only province that’s has special autonomy here in South Korea. Jeju do is also situated on the country’s largest island.  This lies in the Korean strait, southwest to the jeollanam do province. The island is a world heritage site for Jeju volcanoes and the lava tubes on the island. The people on the island have developed a culture and culture that is different from the mainland of Korea. The people here follow the matriarchal family style which is found if udo and mara, and of course in other place of the land as well. The sea women were usually the head of the families and they usually controlled the income.  People earned their living by doing various useful  [...]
  • The Imperial Ganga

    Posted in India | July 12, 2010
    The river Ganga is ethnically and culturally very connected to its people. The long banks of the Ganges make possible a fair supply of food, water and and most importantly spirituality. Every day, from the time the sun rises; until it sets, there are many ceremonies that are performed. Coming here is a pilgrimage to a lot of people. People from other religions come her too, to observe one of the countries most talked about places. To understand the connection between these people and their deep religious love for the river. According to the Hindus here, the river is a goddess, the mother Ganga. Commonly believed that sins get washed away when bathed in the river. Places like Haridwar, Allahabad and Varanasi are regular places for people to  [...]
  • Mongolia on Foot

    Posted in Mongolia | July 8, 2010
    Have you ever heard of the Mongolia 2010 expedition ? A British adventurer Ripley Davenport has attempted a spectacular solo journey into the wilderness of Mongolia. He is attempting to travel alone for about seventeen hundred miles; first on foot through the Gobi desert continuing his journey through the Altai mountains. Later, he will mount all his gear and supplies in a cart that has been specially designed for this journey. Mongolia is a land of Nomads. The country is very poorly populated. It is essentially landlocked with china on its south and Russia to its north. Kazakhstan lies to the west of it. The country has a lot of greenery. It is also called the ‘land of blue skies’. There are about two hundred and fifty days in  [...]
  • Delicious Vietnam

    Posted in Vietnam | July 6, 2010
    Vietnam is a southeastern country neighboring China, Laos and Cambodia. Vietnam has been colonized many times. China, itself occupied Vietnamese about four times. In fact, when Vietnam was independent; it still remained as a tributary state to China. Later the French colonized the country. Thus, the Vietnamese culture is a mix of both Chinese and French cultures. Although the country basis its social etiquette on Confucianism. The united states came in to help south Vietnam with a quick action plan, which turned out into a bloody battle. Although now, when an American tourist goes to Vietnam, they are welcomed and treated well, because the Vietnamese people have taken well to the American culture. Lets us check out some places that you could  [...]
  • Get enchanted in Bamiyan, Afghanistan

    Posted in Afghanistan | July 1, 2010
    Are you fed up the cliché tourist attractions? Allow me to bring to your attention; a few places out there; that have the required historical and visual significance, you may be looking for!! Let us find out some more about the enchanting town of Bamiyan. Bamiyan is a historical province located in central Afghanistan. Because of its stunning architectural remains, this province has been listed as very prominent historical site. The village is twenty-five hundred meters above sea level. And the weather here is brilliant and cool compared to Kabul. The beautiful village is surrounded by the Koh-e-Baba Mountains, which is usually covered in snow. These lie to the south. In the north however, there are steep mountains which have famous carvings  [...]