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  • Kabul – The gateway to the Indian sub-continent

    Posted in Afghanistan | June 29, 2010
    Traveling sometimes is a tricky decision and most of us never know how to choose or where to go to ! Well, if you are the adventurous type, looking for history, art, culture and honest beauty;without beaches and tropical fruits; but with citadels and old war grounds. Then, come to Kabul, one of the most talked about cities in history and find out what this wonderful place has that everybody seems to want something from. Kabul is a beautiful city situated on the Kabul river. Kabul is famous of being one of the highest cities in the world at eighteen- hundred feet. Kabul is the start of the main rain which goes all the way to Peshawar in Pakistan. Being the first capital of the Mughal dynasty, the city has been around for about thirty-five hundred  [...]
  • Places to visit in Israel

    Posted in Israel | June 28, 2010
    Israel is one of the most important places on earth dude to it religious significance as well as it geographical location. Some of the cities here Israel : Jerusalem : This is one of the most religious cities for people all over the world and it is also the capital. Tel Aviv : This place is known to be the city that never sleeps. Tel Aviv is always bustling with people walking in the gardens, promenades, night walks and of course the crazy night life in tel Aviv is off the hook. A part of tel Aviv called the white city is a NESCO world heritage site. Nahariya : This is a picturesque coastal city which is near the Lebanese border. This place is quite popular with young couples and honeymooners. Sights : Although Israel has a lot of scenic beauty,  [...]
  • Get Lost in Petra, Jordan

    Posted in Jordan | June 24, 2010
    Petra is a historic – archaeological city in Jordan The amazing part of this city is that it has rock cut architecture and a ‘water conduit system’. Petra is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. BBC has also categorized Petra as ‘the top 40 places you have to see before you die’ Early writers identified Petra as the capital of the caravan trade of the Aramaic speaking Semites. Due to its geographically advantageous location, It not only served as a fortress but also controlled the trade within the areas of Gaza, Persian gulf, Basra and Damascus. Petra has the distinction of having a stream passing through the entire rock city. The Nabataeans, who were the residents of Petra; had complete control over the water flow  [...]
  • Climbing the Chinese Great Wall

    Posted in China | June 22, 2010
    Sure, you can go to the great wall of China, click some pictures, get information or even check the wall out ;over the Internet. But what about those of you who think, all this is still not enough. If you are looking to climb the wall, then there are definitely some things you may need to keep in mind. The wall promises to be an adventurous and fun packed journey, so lets find out how you can climb the wall, be safe and have lots of fun while at it. The Chinese government in the last few years has been making consistent repairs to restore the walls well deserved grandeur. however there are a lot of unrestored sections as well which reportedly are quite famous with the tourists. The wall is about 8,850 kilometers long. It consists of trenches,  [...]
  • Onsen, Japan

    Posted in Japan | June 18, 2010
    If you like Jacuzzis, then don’t hold your breath ! You definitely should pack your bags and head out to Japan where you will be dazzled by beautiful Japanese sights and cuisine. While you are at it, lets go back to feeling how good it is in a jacuzzi!! Experience Japans natural Jacuzzis – the Onsen. So, lets find out more about them. An Onsen is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language. Getting bare and soaked and heated up in Japans Onsen is just something you have to try out. The water from these hot springs is potent in different minerals and it has many therapeutic properties. If your are around the Kumano Hongu Taisha, you must visit the Yonomine Onsen. It has been listed as a world heritage. This Onsen is believed to be  [...]
  • The Mergui Archipelago ,Myanmar

    Posted in Myanmar | June 16, 2010
    If you are one of those amazingly wild and adventurous folk who are into exploring places that are unchartered and exotic, you just can’t afford to miss The Mergui Archipelago. An Archipelago is a cluster if islands that have been formed tectonically. Located in the southmost part of the Union of Myanmar ( Burma ), this place is scenically stunning with rocky terrain and overwhelming greenery .Mergui boasts of exotic fauna, both on land and underwater. This archipelago is essentially made up of eight hundred amazingly-beautiful and exotic islands that cover an area of ten thousand square miles. Thats quite a huge stretch of pure fun and awesome adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories !! The islands vary in size from  [...]
  • Places to visit in Singapore

    Posted in Singapore | June 3, 2010
    If you are planning to visit South-East Asia, Singapore is the first tourist destination you must consider. Singapore is the paradise for tourists across the world. Being the travel capital of South-East Asia, every year it attracts million of tourists. The numerous attractions in Singapore make this island a must-visit tourist destination. It is one of the prosperous countries in the world and is a renowned holiday retreat. This country is decorated with scenic locations, stunning architecture, captivating water bodies. Here you will also come across numerous gardens and parks, which too are popular tourist attractions. To be precise, Singapore is known around the world as the Garden city. Other popular tourist attractions include the exceptional  [...]