Tour Pleasures in St.Petersburg

Posted in Russia | June 19, 2013

Welcome to the beautiful land of Russia and fill your travels here with the ideal pleasures of a great tour destination. St. Petersburg here is a greatly cultural and historical land and is known as the “Northern Capital” or the popular “Venice of the North.” With the best of Stalin constructions it is surrounded with splendid places and amazing historical monuments in this part of Russia. This beautiful destination has some of the most beautiful bridges and  avenues lined with trees. It is certainly one of the most fascinating places in beautiful Russia.

St. Petersburg is a comparatively young city and was founded by Tsar Peter the Great in the year 1703. It has a history that is rich and worth treasuring. The city has always been filled with a kind of intrigue and revolution that is particular only to this place. With the ideal combination of travel pleasures and tour excitement , St. Petersburg is a place worth visiting and an interesting travel  spot for any  keen tourist.

Visit this beautiful destination and enjoy the museums, churches, and parks, which make up the tours here. There are innumerable museums showcasing the best artifacts and exhibiting  stunning display of treasures of the hermitage.

The palaces here are another attraction and with the innumerable constructions during the rule of Catherine the Great, St. Petersburg is surely a place that is charming and a royal destination worth visiting. The Winter Palace is famous among the palaces found here. It is a perfect architectural piece of marvel and provides ideal travel experiences.

Then you have the innumerable  buildings , villas, and mansions here, which are worth every second of your trip. The parks, monuments, buildings, and constructions here make up the main attractions here in Russia and make the tour worth it.

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