Bagan Travel Pleasures in Myanmar Tours

Posted in Myanmar | March 19, 2013

Bagan or Pagan is a beautiful place situated in the upper portion of Myanmar and is in fact the earlier capital of the first dynasty of this region. With more than 2000 stupas and temples dominating the region on the eastern banks of the River Ayeyarwady, all tourists coming to Myanmar frequent this interesting travel spot.

Pagodas are the main attractions here and the sight of the beautiful religious red coloured monuments is mesmerizing. This fascinating religious hub is easily accessible from nearby cities by vehicles like the horse cart, the car, and even the ordinary cycle. Sunsets on the river Ayeyarwaddy and the simply enchanting ambience dominate the tours here.

Bagan has innumerable temples with the Ananda Temple being the most visited one. This is the holiest of all the temples and was constructed by Kyan – zit-tha the third king in 1091. Ananda means unlimited wisdom and this temple has four Buddhas facing north, south, east and west.

The sunset temple or the Shwesandaw Temple too is famous for its beautiful sunset views, this is truly an adventure enthusiast’s dream come true as it has a steep climb up and provides a great view from the top.

The Golden Pagoda Shwe Zigon temple is a prototype monument of the first kind. Again, the tallest pagoda Thatbyinnyu temple is another major temple attraction here. Built sometime in the 12th century this is a beautiful piece of construction.

The Shwegugyi temple , the Manuhar Pagoda, the Dhamma Yangyi temple, and the Gubuyaukgyi temple are other major attractions for the tourists here.

Tourists also come to see the Bupaya stupa and the Gawdaw Palin temple, which are typical combination structures of the Indian and Myanmarese kinds. With so many places of tourist interests and simply enthralling surroundings, this is surely a place that is a must see in tours to Myanmar.

Visit Bagan in Myanmar and enjoy your tours to this part of Asia.

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