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Posted in Bhutan | August 17, 2012

Bhutan the journey beyond paradise and experience the pleasures of a more fascinating land. Come to Thimphu and bask in the glory of travel sights here.

Visit this centre of religion and government and also the headquarters of commerce. Thimphu is an especially grounded city with the most unique mix of ancient culture and modern technology. Thimphu is a lively destination filled with the most fascinating sights and has one of the most extensive architectural styles and the most magnificent ambience.

Visit the Memorial Chorten which was constructed sometime in the year 1974 and is a construction in memory of the third king of Bhutan His Late majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. He is revered as the Father of Modern Bhutan. Here the monument is beautiful with the best exhibitions of statues and paintings which give a great insight into the philosophy of Buddhism.

The Simtokha Dzong was constructed sometime in the year 1627. It was built by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal which is situated on a low ridge which is around 8 km from the Thimphu valley. This is the place where you find the Institute for Language and Cultural Studies. The main feature here is the line of beautiful slate carvings that are found here. With their fine works, they are a picture of beauty which are found behind the prayer wheels which are located in the courtyard.

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The National Library is also a great part of the Bhutan history that has archaic texts imprinted and that are preserved at the National Library. With millions of ancient texts and manuscripts the library has a lot of academic books of modern value and that has the best printing blocks for the prayer flags.

Then see the lovely institute for Zorig Chususm which is locally called the Arts & Crafts School or Painting School. This is an institute which gives a six year course on the various arts and crafts of Bhutan. One gets to know the innumerable skills that are taught at this school.

There is something very special about Bhutan and the innumerable traditional medicine techniques that are a part of the region. Bhutan has the richness of herbal medicines that are made up of the many medicinal plants that are found in this Royal Kingdom. These are prepared and also dispensed in Thimphu. The Institute is thus a great training school for traditional medicine.

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Visit the Folk Heritage Museum which is a construction that is dedicated to maintain a connection with the Bhutanese and their link with the demonstrations, exhibits, and also the documentation of rural life alongwith the educational programmes. The main exhibit in the museum is a three storeyed mud and timber house which belongs to the mid 19th century. The entire form and the design of the house is like that of an average household in this Wang region. The absolute durability and the quality of the building materials here are a great sight for the eyes and tourists simply bask in the pleasures of this treasure house of domestic tools, equipments and other household objects.

Also you have the National Textile Museum which has been under the patronage of Her Majesty the queen Ashi Sangay Choden. The textiles from Bhutan have reached their zenith and they are a visible and magnificent art form. The entire textile museum today has an exhibition which is majorly on six different themes which are weft pattern waves, warp pattern weaves, textiles from indigenous fibers, the royal collection and the various roles of textiles in the religion. The Bhutan’s Kings, their dresses and their innumerable accessories are found here in the museum. The main goal of the museum is to slowly become a hub of textile studies that help you to carry out all kinds of research, and all the studies on the Bhutan textiles.

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Then of course there is the Trachico Dzong Thimphuit which is also called the “fortress of the glorious religion” and is a construction of the year 1641. It was then reconstructed to how it looks today by King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk sometime in the year 1965.

Thus Bhutan is a very interesting and unique place to visit.

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