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Posted in India | August 17, 2012

Visit Darjeeling the Queen of Hills in the lovely state of West Bengal in India. Come here and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings and the simplicity of the locals here. Entering this place is traveling back to the times of the British rule. It is literally a Victorian place with the entire town having the most fascinating oriental faces. With the brick chimneys sand the church spires dotting the skyline, Darjeeling is one place where the tourist would get what he asked for.

While here visit the Dhoom Gompa which is around 8 kms from the city. There is a very fascinating statue of Maitrayiee Buddha which has been established here. The Monastery with its serene look and calm ambience provides the best in tours here. It has beenĀ  preserved well and has some of the ancient Buddhist manuscripts. Visit this beautiful structure and come back enchanted.

Then there is the Mall in Darjeeling which is a living heaven for all shopping enthusiasts. With the best of handicrafts and woollen garments on display this is a must see in tours to Darjeeling. There is something simple and infectious about this place and a visit here leaves a lasting impression in the tourist’s minds. There are photo shops which have old photos and there are small time pleasures for these who want to pick up souvenirs. The Chaurasta is the end point of the mall where you have a bandstand, and also a pony riding arena for the children. It is a perfect place for lovers.

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Chowrasta is another lovely place to visit in Darjeeling. This is the hub of commercial activity and has all kinds of restaurants, hotels and stalls. There are many things on display here and tourists love to shop for the thankas, tribal ornaments, rosaries, brass statures, Gorkha daggers and other kinds of local handicrafts that are found here .

Go to the Observatory Hill which is locally called the Makal Babu ko Thaan. This is the place where legend has it that the Red Hat Buddhist Monastery called the Dore Ling was erected many centuries back. Dorje ling means the place of the thunderbolt. It is believed that the Nepalis destroyed the structure in the 19th century. Today the temple that is there is shared by the Buddhists and the Shivas.

Then of course there is the enigmatic Himalayan Mountaineering Institute which is a place that has the best memoirs of Tenzing Norgay the first who conquered the mount Everest along with Sir Edmund Hilary in 1953 on May 29. There is a lot of equipment on display here and this is the major attraction here and there is also a zoo where you have a collection of wildlife like Siberian tigers, yaks, and the red panda which is found only in this region.

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Go and enjoy in the Darjeeling Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway which is a great way in which you can have the best adventurous experiences here. This is the first passenger ropeway in India and offers convenient facilities by which tourists can enjoy here. There is a taxi service to the Ropeway station and the experience here is very exciting and thrilling.

Visit the Tibetan Refuge Camp which is a treasure hub of interesting things to see. This has the best displays of jewellery, artifacts and carpets which enthrall the visitor totally.

The Lloyd’s Botanical Garden is another fine place to visit in Darjeeling tours and it has the best variety of Himalayan fauna and is especially for those who are interested in such activities. Lebong is a place here that is the highest and the smallest racecourse in the world and has horseracing activities.

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A visit to Darjeeling is incomplete without seeing the beautiful sunrise at Tiger Hills. Located at a height of around 2,590 metres, this is around 13 km from the town. This is a place that has become popular in tourism because of the magnificent manner in which the sunrise is viewed here. One can also see the majestic and beautiful Kanchenjunga here. also the Eastern Himalayan mountains are visible here. The Mt. Everest is also seen from here . Those who are lucky would be able to see the sunrise otherwise on a cloudy day it is never seen.

There are many more places to see and much more to do. The list of things to do in Darjeeling is endless. Come here and enjoy your travels completely.

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