Maldive Islands: Be Mesmerized

Posted in Maldives | December 16, 2010

The Maldive Islands provide the best in luxury. The islands have seen many disasters over the years. The 2004 tsunami proved disastrous. The coral bleaching due to El Nino was another disaster. Maldive Islands are known for its sandy beaches. The local inhabitants are always welcoming and hospitable. The waters that adorn the shore are turquoise and crystal clear. The islands are ideal for divers, those who worship the sun, and those who wish to have a relaxing honeymoon.

The Maldive Islands are a geological oddity, situated at the center of the Indian Ocean. The islands are comprised of magnificent coral reefs. Splendid volcanoes, belonging to prehistoric times, lie in the background. The mammoth structures have sunk to the bottom of the ocean. This has left behind wonderful coral islands of significant natural beauty. The islands have been colonized by the tourists who seek unrestrained pleasure and romance. Male is known for its modernity, whereas Southern Atolls is an idyllic paradise.

Simplicity is the buzzword when it comes to Maldive Islands. The region abounds in clear, blue skies, sunshine throughout the year, and snorkeling opportunities in the lagoons. Maldives draws tourists from all over the globe. The islands have inhabitants belonging to the Muslim faith. This faith, however, is seldom compromised.

Presently, Maldive islands are in the midst of major development. New hotels are springing up every day. Some are luxurious, boutique hotels, while others are dedicated to nature. Maldives offers adventures and holidays that are never easy to forget. Those wishing a relaxing holiday should head straight toward the Maldives. Maldives gets its beauty from nature. The place gives the traveler everlasting memories.

Maldives lies along the trading regions of Indian Ocean. Since ancient times, people from all over the globe have toured these islands. This has had a great impact on the culture, art, beliefs, language, and attitudes of the local inhabitants.

The facial features of the local inhabitants vary from one atoll to atoll. This is because the genes have been passed on by Asians, Arabians, and Africans. Dhivehi is the local language of the people. The dialect differs in some regions on the southern end of the island. Religion and superstition are integral to Maldivian culture. Islam is the most widely-followed religion. Supernatural elements have been influenced by folklores and traditions of Buddhism. The primary settlers of the island converted to Islam in AD 1153.

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